If Sailor Moon Was Goth

CineCosu Studios’ series of reimagined Sailor Moon settings continues with this third, very cool instalment: Goth Sailor Scouts.

Having done '90s fashion and boudoir, this shoot is based on some art done by Cosmic Spectrum, which depicts the scouts not as magical schoolgirls but as black-clad witches.

The original art that the shoot is based on, by Cosmic Spectrum

“To that end,” CineCosu’s Dominique Zamora tells Kotaku, “we borrowed motifs from witchy media like American Horror Story: Coven and The Craft to create something dark, creepy, and hopefully, powerful.”

The same cosplayers from the last two shoots have returned — Stella Chuu (Sailor Moon), RiotJynx (Mercury), Hendoart (Mars), Akemi101xoxo (Jupiter) and MaidofMight (Venus) — but they’re now joined by a greatly expanded cast, as js_cosplay (Chibi Moon), milynnsarley (Pluto), riansynnth (Neptune), sushimonstuh(Uranus) and marikocosplay (Saturn) cosplay as the Outer Scouts.

Capturing so many cosplayers in the one shoot in one day took a Herculean effort, with 14 photographers and assistants teaming up so that each girl was working with a different photographer every 15 minutes.

The end result is the photoshoot (and video!) you see below, which is one of the coolest things we’ve ever got to feature here on our cosplay site.

And before we go, here’s the full list of photographers and crew who made it all happen:


    I would have been waaaaay more interested in them.

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