In The First Teaser For Netflix’s She-Ra, A Princess Of Power Rises

In The First Teaser For Netflix’s She-Ra, A Princess Of Power Rises
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We’ve seen glimpses of Netflix and Dreamwork’s She-Ra reboot already, but now we finally have a glimpse at Adora in action.

Debuted by Teen Vogue today, the new teaser is slight, but it gives us a look at Adora finding out her true destiny and making a very good, Sailor Moon-style transformation into the legendary She-Ra herself.

Although there’s been a lot of grumbling about the aesthetic of the reboot, it looks great in what little action we get to see here. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fight for the honour of Grayskull when the series lands on Netflix November 16.


  • I definitely like what I’m seeing. I just don’t get peoples hatred for this? The old cartoon still exists and isn’t going away. This is a new take on it, looks fun to me.

    • There’s a universal secret that not many people know about and that is when two things that share a common theme exist at once, it halves people’s enjoyment. Now there’s a new Shera cartoon, the fans of the old series can only ever enjoy it half as much but if it were to go away then the enjoyment level would rebalance itself and they could enjoy it fully again.

      Or they’re being whiny, selfish babies. One or the other.

      • this is actually the 3rd She-Ra Cartoon. back in the early to mid 00’s there was an Updated She-Ra and He-Man Series showing on Cartoon Network

    • Nostalgia has this weird power to make something feel better than it was. She-Ra was a low budget, low quality advertising campaign that coincidentally was also pretty well loved by kids. A lot of adults don’t remember that it was a Filmation show, which meant that it was basically a toy tie-in using as little money in production as humanly possible, which usually meant as little animation as humanly possible.

      The new show looks rad and I’ll probably stay up at night watching it because I’m a 35 year old man and this is my childhood reborn with come actual quality.

      • Definitely true. I recently sat and rewatched some He-Man which I loved as a little kid. It’s pretty….erm…. bad. But, it was a product of its time. Animation was incredibly poor, even though it was rotoscoped. Same stock animation was used over and over every single episode, running animation, punching animation, sword swap animation, it was really obvious. Mind you, it was still a fun cartoon but I’m not gonna mince words, it was pretty low bar.

  • The quality of the show remains to be seen but I’m down with the art style and the teaser is cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing them do He-Man too.

  • Still looks like tumblr-tier trash…but it could look worse, like high guardian spice worse…. but still bad remake man

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