Isabelle Joins Smash Bros. Ultimate As Nintendo Teases New Animal Crossing


Not only will Isabelle, the delightful assistant to the Mayor in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, be playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo finally teased a new Animal Crossing game.

I have been waiting for this announcement since the Switch was announced, and had almost given up hope. Now I just have to wait a little but longer, as the only release date information we have so far is that it’ll be coming in 2019.

Before this announcement, Animal Crossing fans such as myself have had to tide themselves over with the fun but imperfect Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp mobile game.

While it’s a surprisingly full experience for mobile, its microtransactions clashed with the peaceful nature of Animal Crossing. The upcoming Switch game will hopefully signal a return to form. The only predatory monetisation tactics I want in my Animal Crossing games are the ones that come from Tom Nook.


    Oh man, what an emotional roller coaster those last few minutes were.

    I was crushed when it was revealed to be Smash Bros. Then it turns out there is AC coming!

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