Jagex Fires Old School RuneScape Employee After ‘Gross Misuse’ Of Mod Privileges

Jagex Fires Old School RuneScape Employee After ‘Gross Misuse’ Of Mod Privileges
Image: Jagex Games

With great power comes great responsibility… unless you’re the employee at Jagex that cheated their nads off in Old School RuneScape. In which case, you’re just fired.

Despite being a refresh of 2007’s RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, released in 2013, has a respectable player base of over 60,000 (as of September 2018). That’s more than large enough to justify Jagex giving “a member of The Old School Team” their marching orders for “gross misuse of moderator privileges”:

During our rigorous routine system checks, irregular activity was identified on small number of accounts, including the movement of wealth and items back into the live game. Following our investigation, we were able to resolve the issue before any significant impact was made to the wider game, or economy.

Not only did the person lose their job, it appears they may face legal repercussions as well, with Jagex stating that it is “actively working with the Police”.

For players worried about their real bank accounts, Jagex updated the statement yesterday to assuage concerns:

…we can confirm that none of our players’ bank or card details were compromised. We work with an industry-respected, fully compliant third-party payment processor, to purposefully avoid staff having access to players’ full bank or card details. This also applies when players choose to save their details at payment stage for any future purchases.

Hard to believe a developer would cheat at their own game, knowing it could get them fired. But here it is.

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