Japan Battered By Worst Typhoon In 25 Years

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Typhoon Jebi barrelled through Western Japan, hitting cities like Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka, where I live.

Before the typhoon hit, the firefighters drove around the neighbourhood telling people to take shelter. My kids all stayed home from school, companies were closed, and the trains stopped. (Yet, there were still people out on the streets and cars on the roads!)

Kyodo News reports that Jebi was moving at over 60 kilometers per hour with gusts of wind reaching over 200 kph. According to the local news, these are the strongest winds to hit Osaka in 57 years.

We were able to weather the storm, even as we experienced multiple power outages and even as the windows rattled so hard I thought the windows were going to shatter. 

Other family members weren’t so lucky, suffering damage to their homes.

I hope everyone in Jebi’s path is safe. There have been injuries, but thankfully, as of writing, there have been no reports of casualties.


    Currently in Osaka on holidays myself... landed in tokyo for an event over the weekend and took shinkansen down to meet up with mates on monday. We were planning to visit stuff yesterday when the typhoon warning was given and we were luckily enough to be underground at Nanba Walks when it hit.... was pretty crazy seeing it all touch down when it hit the area.

    In the grand scheme of things the damage isnt as insane as near the coast and other areas (there was still some damage with some broken glass doors, blown out windows, debris from broken tree branches and signs and there was one unfortunate truck which tipped on its side) but what really astounds me is just how together and organised the folks are... most of the streets are clean with some obvious debris left for clean up and the local metro is working flawlessly again.

    Seriously props to the people here who were literally starting to clean debris just as the winds started to die down.

      One advantage of a societal construct where they care more about the whole than the individual. I like that about the Japanese, they just get stuff done that needs to be done because its expected by the society as a whole. I know there's a video on youtube of their infrastructure crews taking a station out of service, and lowering the track to cut into the subway in 5 hours. Last train rolls through, the work starts and is complete by the time the first service comes through in the morning.

    Poor Japan... flooding, heat waves and now this typhoon. This has been an extraordinary summer for them weather wise.

    Glad the family were safe!

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    “I hope everyone in Jebi’s path is safe. There have been injuries, but thankfully, as of writing, there have been no reports of casualties.”

    Casualties are both injuries and deaths. I believe you meant to say fatalities.

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