Latest iPhone Leak Reveals Possible Prices And Names

Latest iPhone Leak Reveals Possible Prices And Names
Image: Ben Geskin Twitter

We’re only a few days out from Apple’s event of the year. But that doesn’t mean that the leaks and rumours about the new suite of iPhones has slowed down. Today it’s all about the Chinese pricing and what the names will be.

The alleged leak apparently comes from a presentation that was being given at China Mobile. An image of a slide from 9to5Mac reveals a 6.1-inch model called the iPhone XC:

Latest iPhone Leak Reveals Possible Prices And NamesImage: 9to5Mac

This is significant because there hasn’t been a whole lot of talk around the name of the entry-level phone as yet.

The slide also refers to a 6.5-inch model as the iPhone XS Plus. Previous rumours have suggested that this model may actually be called the XS Max, so I guess we’ll see if either turn out to be right.

Names aside, there is a more important element to this slide — pricing. According to the image, the iPhone X Plus will retail for 8388 yuan ($1724 AUD), the XS for 7388 yuan ($1,518 AUD)and the XC for 5888 yuan ($1210 AUD). According to 9To5Mac these prices also include 17% Chinese sales tax.

As always, leaks should always be considered cautiously. But these prices are quite solidly comparable with the current baseline pricing on the iPhone X and 8. But it’s worth keeping in mind that you’ll be paying more for larger storage options, not to mention the good old Australia Tax.

This leak isn’t the only one to drop the name XC. Renowned leaker Ben Geskin also released alleged images of the new models and colours on Twitter over the weekend:

I don’t know about you, but I am more pumped than ever put the rumours behind us on Thursday morning.

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