Luigi's Still Alive In Luigi's Mansion 3

Even though we all literally saw Luigi’s soul leave his body during the last Nintendo Direct, he’s back for more in an upcoming Switch game.

News editor Jason Schreier wrote a beautiful obituary for Luigi when he was tragically slain during a Nintendo direct. The nation mourned.

But no worries friends, he’s back. Also peep that cute ghost dog!

No word yet on what Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be like, but I for one am excited to protect this poor plumber from further harm.


    Luigi's Still Alive In Luigi's Mansion 3Don't worry. With some cherry picked evidence and tenuous links between unrelated plot points I'm sure I can explain how Luigi was dead all along.

    Casual Prolix you don't need to explain.
    Luigi is still alive and a new Luigi's Mansion game coming to Nintendo Switch and like I said months earlier Luigi is not dead and as for Kotaku saying that Luigi is dead a few months earlier I got two words for you guys sucked in.

      Guys I'm getting scared. Have we hit self-awareness?

    Of course he is alive, but he isnt expected to survive to the end game... we saw the video he died on the job ghost hunting.

    1. Luigi's spirit was seen in the trailer to be re-entering his body right at the end
    2. Nintendo said "Luigi is fine"
    3. Mario was killed by Ridley, and we did *not* see him coming back!

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