Meet The Modern-Day Samurai Bringing Ghost Of Tsushima To Life

Meet The Modern-Day Samurai Bringing Ghost Of Tsushima To Life

To help bring upcoming action game Ghost of Tsushima to life, game developer Sucker Punch brought in some modern-day samurai.

Of course, actual samurai have not existed in Japan since the 19th century, but Ryusetsu Ide and Masakumo Kuwami are among the closest folks we’ll get to them.

Have a look at both in action:

As Kotaku previously reported, the game’s creators aren’t striving for a history lesson, but rather, aiming to evoke a time and a place.

So nerdy things I noticed in the gameplay footage probably are irrelevant! (For example, in-game horses looks more like Western breeds, which were introduced centuries after the game was set, and not domestic ones, which have shorter legs and could be classified as ponies. However, a badarse samurai on a pony might be strange to players, so maybe historical inaccuracy is better in this case!)

More relevant, however, are any complaints about the accuracy of swords and stances in the game. By motion capping these modern-day samurai, hopefully, some of those quibbles can be somewhat quelled to find that sweet spot between authenticity and fun gameplay.


  • Fascinating stuff!

    Does anyone know why, in the first video, they cleaned the base after drawing it?

  • Is it just me or is that straw hat in the trailer a little Vietnamese style? I’m not a connoisseur of hats but I don’t see many like that in Japanese samurai films

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