Microsoft's Custom Charity Consoles Are Great

Xbox and Make-A-Wish are teaming up again for their Consoles For Kids charity drive, and the 2018 batch of custom-designed celebrity consoles are looking very pretty.

How pretty you find them may depend on your feelings towards a particular celebrity, since many of them just have someone’s face plastered over the front, but there are also some special game-related consoles that look like something you used to be able to buy in a bundle at Christmas time.

Each console is signed by either the celebrity or the team behind the game. They’re currently up for auction here, with the current top bid being over $US2000 ($2760) for the Halo console.

Here are some of the other Xbox Ones up for auction:

Microsoft, if you and Wiz wanna put his one up for general sale, I would buy one.


    M$ always have nice custom consoles. Can’t think of the last bad one, apart from that horrible battlefield 1 puke green colour.

    Sony could do worse than take a leaf out of m$ book

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