Pokémon Stars At Milan Fashion Week

Fashion/streetwear label GCDS had a show at Milan Fashion Week a couple of days ago, and Pokémon was all over it.

Both the mens and womens spring/summer line for 2018/19 featured Pokémon designs, from knitted sweaters for the guys:

To boots:

To full-blown Pikachu cosplay:

And they weren’t the only ones! Jeremy Scott’s show had a Pikachu cameo as well:

While it’s an Italian fashion week, these were all from ready to wear collections, and those Pikachu and Jigglypuff sweaters are amazing.

You can see the GCDS stuff in action in this video of the event (the Pokémon stuff is all towards the end):


    I want a Jigglypuff sweater!! Look at his little face.

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