Monster Hunter Stories Hits Western Mobiles Today, Costs $31

Monster Hunter Stories Hits Western Mobiles Today, Costs $31

If you don’t own a 3DS and you want a mobile Monster Hunter experience that’s not on the Switch, Monster Hunter Stories just became available in English.

Capcom’s iOS/Android port of the 3DS game, which launched in Japan last year, has “no in-app purchases”, which explains why it’ll cost you $30.99 on Android or iOS.

For those playing in Apple’s ecosystem, the game is compatible with iPhones from the iPhone 5s or older, as well as the iPad mini 2 and above, the iPad Air, and sixth generation iPad. Device requirements aren’t listed on the Google Play store, although it notes that you’ll need at least Android 5.0. The initial install is 85M, but the App Store notes the full download will be approximately 4GB.

“This app features the same story as the handheld console version,” the listing adds.

The mobile version comes with autosave, an improved UI for mobiles and higher resolution graphics than what originally shipped on the 3DS. Monster Hunter Stories first launched on the 3DS back in 2016, before getting a Western release in 2017. The mobile version also has a free demo, the progress from which will carry over to the full version if you choose to take the $31 plunge.


  • Thank god for the Demo and the carry-over progress. It will make a huge difference for people who don’t know if it’ll run correctly on their devices.

    If only all developers do that for their large games…

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