NBA 2K Players Getting Stuck In Never-Ending Games And Other Bugs

Screenshot: NBA 2K19, Matt

NBA 2K19 players are reporting various bugs in the game’s My Career mode, and some have expressed frustrations with 2K’s slow response to their issues.

The replies to 2K’s customer support Twitter account will show variations on the same theme. Some players say they are losing VC, or Virtual Currency, when they try to make purchases that are meant to be free. Others say their custom characters are disappearing. Others still are saying they’re stuck in never-ending games, unable to play past the first quarter.

All of these issues supposedly plague the My Career gameplay mode, where you make your own player and advance them through the NBA.

The influx of complaints has gotten high enough that @2KSupport has tweeted three times (on September 10, 18 and 20) to say, “We are receiving more tickets than normal. We’re doing everything we can to get to your case.” On the NBA 2K subreddit, a representative from the 2K team said to wait for seven to eight days because “that specific department is being overwhelmed”. Kotaku reached out to 2K regarding these bugs but had not received comment at time of writing.

A Reddit user named Matt told Kotaku over Reddit private messages that he found himself trapped in an unending game 10 days ago. He had come home after work expecting to grind through the My Career mode, only to discover the game’s camera was acting strangely.

“It went straight into the normal camera mode, and not onto the bench where I would normally be (with a sim to sub in button),” he said. “Instead it was in 2K camera, without any indication that I could go into the game and play, I was literally just watching the CPU play the game. And then I noticed that there was 0 seconds on the clock, and that the shot clock was stuck at 7:08.”

In this video, Matt show his never-ending game playing itself for over an hour.

Quitting the game and starting it back up again didn’t do anything to fix this bug. “When I go into my guy’s MyCareer, it brings me straight to gameplay with the same thing, 0 seconds on the clock, and my guy watching the CPU play,” he said.

Matt said this game is now sitting at 345 to 456 points, with no indication that there will ever be a second quarter. He contacted 2K about this bug and, six days later, he received an automated message in response.

“All in all, this is a terrible situation and has been so far handled terribly by 2K,” he said.

Matt ended up making a new save and player to play with, but wishes he could go back to his old save, where his character had higher stats. “I just want to play with my 88 overall guy again,” he said. “I spent all my preorder VC on top of buying an additional 20 dollars in VC to max him out, and it’s all wasted.”


    Serves 'em right for being dumb enough to buy this rip-off.

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