New Pokémon Card Set Selling Out In Japan, Drawing Long Lines

New Pokémon Card Set Selling Out In Japan, Drawing Long Lines

Today, the latest Pokémon expansion card set Super-Burst Impact went on sale in Japan. Long lines formed, and there were reports of sellouts.

A special Pokémon Center only bundle with two boxes of cards, organisers and more also went on sale.

As Japanese site Kai-You explains, the popularity of the Pokémon card games has been recently growing again in Japan. Earlier this summer, popular Japanese YouTuber Hajime did a video talking about he’s totally into the card game.

This latest Johto-based expansion set appears to have struck a nostalgic nerve with fans.

The boom could be because those who grew up with the card game are now adults and want to reconnect with those childhood memories. It could also be because the card game is, well, fun—something that people are rediscovering.

Thirty minutes before this Pokémon Center opens.

Around 200 people are reportedly in line at the Pokémon Center in Yokohama.

Even at 11am, after the stores were open, there were still lines.

Tokyo Bay.

Ikebukuro at 11:10am.

Unsurprisingly, there have been reports of sellouts across the country.

This sign reads “sold out.”

Sold out at another store.

The Pokémon Center in Osaka.

However, packs could be found at regular toy stores.

And apparently, the Pokémon Center in Fukuoka has loads.

As Kai-You also points out, the grey market got the early jump on Super-Burst Impact, with cards hitting online resellers a day before release. This could have also fuelled speculators to snap up packs earlier today.

The retail price for a box of Super-Burst Impact is 4,860 yen ($62), but card shops have been buying them back for 5,000 yen ($63). Resellers are asking 6,000 to 7,000 yen ($76 to $88). Expect those prices to climb.

The English release of Super-Burst Impact is called Lost Thunder and will be released this November.