Ori Randomiser Is A Marvel

Ori and the Blind Forest is a beautiful metroidvania game where players progress through different areas and unlock new skills along the way. Each new skill gives the player new movement options that open up new areas and let them explore all the nooks and crannies of previous areas.

The Ori Randomiser mod takes that, mixes it all up in a giant bucket and spits it back out in a new way to explore.

Randomiser mods are nothing new and have fast become a staple in speedrunning communities. The mods offer up a new way to explore games that you’ve already mastered, making you think on your feet about how you’re tackling the challenges in front of you with the potentially limited tools available.

The Ori randomiser is no different, maintained by members of the Ori and the Blind Forest speedrunning community and heavily inspired by the popular ALTTP randomiser.

Randomisers are not limited to speedrunners. The mods work on a logic that relies on certain progression paths through the game. In Ori if you need a skill like Wall Jump or Stomp to access an area, then you can find those skills somewhere outside of those areas. You’ll just have to check every experience orb, keystone, health cell and other pickup along the way to find them.

Seeds are used to generate your playthrough of the game and can offer different rulesets to accommodate everyone from the casual player to speedrunning experts that know every trick and glitch in the game.

You can download the Ori randomiser from GitHub and there’s a handy Youtube tutorial to help install it.

There’s a speedrunning tournament going on right now where you can see dozens of people showing off just how impressive the movement in Ori and the Blind Forest is.

Putting together the bracket for this tournament was tackled by the randomiser too, with speedrunner Meldon going through a special seed that included participants names as pickups to generate pairings as they played. Commentators Roryrai and Vulajin provide a lot of insight into how the randomiser works, as well as how Ori and the Blind Forest is played at high levels.

It’s a perfect introduction to a new way to explore a game about exploration.

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