Police Arrest Dad Who Sent Toddler Inside Prize Machine To Steal Nintendo Consoles

The father who sent his young daughter inside a vending machine to steal some Nintendo consoles has been arrested and charged after turning himself into police.

The Union Leader reports that Anthony Helinski, a 34 year-old from Lawrence, Mass, “surrendered himself, accompanied by his lawyer, after a warrant was issued for his arrest Wednesday.”

Dad Gets Toddler To Climb Inside Prize Machine, Steal Nintendo Consoles

A man is wanted by police after being filmed sending his daughter inside a BarBerCut Lite cabinet, where she was able to get her tiny hands on some prizes and retrieve them before the pair (and another child, believed to be the man’s son) left the scene.

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He has been charged with theft by unauthorised taking, criminal trespass and endangering the welfare of a child. Helinski, who works as a teacher at Doherty Middle School in Andover, is currently on “administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.”

He likely turned himself in because the video footage of the incident did a pretty good job identifying him; local police say “they received numerous tips identifying Helinski” after the posted a clip to their Facebook page. He’s out on bail awaiting arraignment at the end of the month.


    A teacher?! You're fcn kidding me?

    no words...

      Well teachers are people too, but yeah, didn't see that one coming.

      You trust teachers quite a bit :)

        Unless he teaches Larceny 101 of course. In which case he's not doing a very good job getting caught in the act doing prac! What a twat!

      Yeah. Ikr.

      I mean, he could have sent one of his students into the .machine instead of endangering his own child. What a piece of $#!t.

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