Popular Anime Wants To Know Breast Size Of Applicants

Popular Anime Wants To Know Breast Size Of Applicants

The second season of unexpected hit anime Kemono Friends has been announced. The show’s creators are taking applications from young women hoping to become a Kemono Friends star.

The previous season featured many established voice actresses as well as newly discovered talent. There was also a spin-off idol unit, which also appeared as in-anime as well as in-game characters and sung the theme song.

Now, Kemono Friends 2 is looking for “healthy women” between the ages of 16 and 20 that are not currently signed to production agencies for its newest unit. Applicants write a short essay saying why they’d be right and include photos or a short clip.

Among the required questions in the online application form include filling out one’s height, weight, waist size, hip size and bust size.

Twitter user Nao pointed this out (via Sankoku, NSFW), adding that it was unsettling how applicants had to include these measurements. Doing so is not optional.

Some wondered if this info was needed for garment fitting, but why would that be required on the initial application?

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Last year, the creative force behind the first Kemono Friends was unceremoniously booted from the second season.


  • If it is for costumes or whatnot having that information as early as possible is probably a good thing, you can narrow down your applicant’s quicker with as much additional data as you can get.

    But…. I think it’s just Japan being Japan.

    • Japan has had a lax attitude towards pedophilia involving young girls for a long time. Its slowly changing. But its still a thing ingrained in their culture.

  • What’s great with these “Insights into Japan” posts is the “sigh of relief” that we live in a civilised country where obvious sexual exploitation is clearly against the law and actively
    pursued to the limit of the law.

    Hats off to Nao for bringing this up.

  • No doubts some rational explanation would be trotted out…but it’s just not on, regardless. Looking for girls to fit into your manufactured image of overly endowed, panty showing sexualised characters is still sicko. It goes from ‘art’ to ‘kiddy porn’.

  • Why the hostility?

    Obviously they’re going to take a look at all the measurements to ensure that they are able to produce a unit with a diverse set of body types so that no one feels excluded because they don’t see themselves reflected in the cast. Its all about ensuring equal representation for all!

    • I currently work in child protection. There is no shade of grey with this sort of thing, and as stated a couple of posts above, Japan has a cultural leaning to acceptance of this.

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