Red Dead Redemption 2 Needs At Least 105GB

Image: Red Dead Redemption 2

As 4K TVs become more and more common, so does another unfortunate fact of life: triple digit install sizes.

Sony recently announced a PS4 Pro bundle for Red Dead Redemption 2 and, beyond that fact that it's a PS4 Pro with the latest Rockstar game, there's not much to say about it. It's a black PS4 Pro. It's Red Dead. Not much to see there.

Unless you looked on the other side of the box, which one Rockstar fan did. Rockstar Intel noticed the fine print in the middle of the console box, which notes "105GB Minimum" and that Red Dead Online will support between 2 and 32 players:

While the official PlayStation Blog and Twitter account only posted a shot of the front of the box, Walmart didn't. The back of the box also confirmed that Sony and Rockstar have a 30-day exclusive content deal for "select online content", as they have with Destiny and recent Call of Duty games.

If you're downloading RDR 2 at launch, it's worth noting that the download itself won't be that large. The PS4 OS often reserves plenty of room — sometimes double — when installing as a safety measure. Still, if your PS4 Pro (or aging stock PS4) is starting to run out of space ... maybe it's time for an early Christmas present. Like an older 1TB SSD. 500GB really doesn't go far these days.


    ... maybe it's time for an early Christmas present. Like an older 1TB SSD. 500GB really doesn't go far these days. Neither does 1TB. The first thing I did when I bought my PS4 was go out and get a 2TB drive for it. I am now starting to butt up against the limits of it so now I'm contemplating whether to aggressively prune my collection, knowing I'll have to re-download at ADSL 2 speeds if I want to play them again or just buy a 4TB external drive. (The largest supported size)

      The slightly less bad news is that decent 4TB External Drives can be had for under $150 these days.

    Destiny 30 day exclusive content hahahahaha

      Destiny hahahahahahha

        Any Game You Play Or Like hahahahaha

          No no, seriously, just Destiny :)

            I've never played, but guaranteed there is someone out there for every game in existence who would say the same thing, masterpiece or bargain bin, and also someone who loves each of those games more than any other. So it's kinda meaningless and I don't get the point because a whole damn lot of people enjoy it.

    Breaks out the floppy disks... Ready!

    Lol and that’s on the fake 4K ps4. Imagine the file size on the real 4K one X

      Probably no different because it’ll likely be the same assets either way.

    I'm a member of the Church of RDR. I've played it more times than any of you have masturbated.

    And part of me wishes RDR2 was a little more niche, a little less popular, and even a little less BIG as a game. I fear it will be a GTAV-style commercial success, it won't be "mine", it will be the world's, and it will lack the focus of the original.

    All of the lead-up to this game shows me that there will NEVER, EVER be another Red Dead Redemption. This new game is something else entirely.

      All TLOU fans know how you feel.

      Actually wait, the trailers for TLOU2 look niche af. Sorry man, you're on your own!

      You can always just keep playing the original on your PS3.

      RDRedemption was never a niche game. The base game and expansions were always "huge Rockstar games". If you niche, look at the original Red Dead Revolver, that was a fatasticly underrated game.

    ... and yet The Witcher 3 manages to get by with 44GB, including 4K textures on my XB1X?

      How is this even a valid comparison?

        Massive open world with multiple environments, nuanced npc voice acting, immersive story... horses...? :P

        Last edited 28/09/18 3:00 am

        Open world, gorgeous visuals, lengthy story with copious voice-acting, 4K support. Sounds valid to me.

    That's insane! It feels like the 20GB barrier was only broken a few years ago! Now we're already at this point.

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