Rob Liefeld Might Be Returning To X-Men Comics Next Year

Rob Liefeld Might Be Returning To X-Men Comics Next Year

The world’s greatest pouch artist returns.

I kid, but Liefeld was a fixture of X-Men comics in the 1990s, helming Young Mutants and X-Force, lending them a distinctive art style that, no matter what you think of it, you won’t forget.

And according to comments made recently by the comic artist, he might be returning to the books that made him famous.

According to MovieWeb, Liefeld spent part of an appearance at Wizard World Comic Con in Austin this weekend discussing the state of Marvel’s X-Men comics, noting that the volume of X-Men comics in recent years has been lower than it has in the past. With the X-Men potentially returning to Marvel Studios, that may be changing.

As quoted by MovieWeb, here’s what Lifeld had to say:

“Here’s the deal. Since the X-Men movies came out and Disney didn’t have them, I don’t know if you’ve ever paid attention, but Marvel kind of turned the volume down on the X-Men for almost 20 years. Now that they have them more, what was told to me was, ‘Oh yeah. Our budgets on the X-Men books are back up to what they used to be because now we own them all.’”

Among other things, that means, according to Liefeld, a project with him at the helm:

“I have a new project, 2019, it’s a huge X-Men crossover…It’s awesome…Marvel called me up last Thanksgiving and said, ‘We want you to do a big story.’ I said well, let’s see if they’ll go for this, and I tried to do something no one has done before. So I gave them this pretty aggressive proposal for an event and I can’t say what it is, I can’t say what it involves, got a lot of new stuff.”

In-progress books can change a lot before the official announcement (and, er, sometimes after), but if this pans out it means Liefeld will be bringing his style back home where it belongs: with a team of mutants, saving lives and probably hanging out with Cable.

Like, Cable has to show up, right?

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