Well, that didn't last long. Zosofreak nailed Baseball Stars 2 straight away.

Let's see if today's game doesn't stump you for longer...

Good luck!


    If the dash was on the other side of the P I'd have said Art of Fighting, but it isn't so I'll say Hunt for Red October instead.

    I’m thinking that silly futuristic racing game with the floating car things. It was an early Vita game. I have ‘hyper’ something in my head ... gah, I’ll remember it as soon as I hit ‘post’ ...

      Ah, Wipeout is what I’m thinking of. Believe it or not, Giant Bomb actually has a dedicated page to ‘Anti-Gravity Racing Games’ ... o_O

        Where else would I find listings for Forsaken, Episode I Racer, F-Zero, or Distance?

        Those are my guesses, Alex.

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