It had to happen eventually, right? Hunt for Red October was the last ScribbleTaku.

Let's see how you all go today.

Good luck!


    The Witness?

      Yeah, too fast! I just started this the other day. It hasn't clicked for me yet. (Where do I go next? Everything is off, except for a handful of puzzles too hard at this stage!) I'll shelve it and come back in a couple of months.

        Don't give up. It is totally normal to encounter puzzles you don't know how to solve: they just rely on rules you don't yet understand (or came up with a rule that seemed to work for other similar puzzles, but was not quite right).

        You'll eventually encounter parts of the island that make the mechanics more clear, and it is really rewarding to come back and solve those earlier puzzles. And there's almost always _something_ you can do to move forward.

          Thanks. I guessed there were puzzles along the way that help me get to that point, but I haven't found them yet and don't know where the ones for my current skill set are. It didn't help that it was a week between my first and second goes. Anyway, I'll definitely come back to it. Thanks.

    Extreme Dominos Battle Royale? If that's not a game, it should be.

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