SCUM, As Told By Steam Reviews

SCUM, a new survival game in early access, is taking Steam by storm. The people reviewing it simply cannot get enough of defecating on other players.

Ever wanted to punch a man to death and then take a dump on them? In SCUM, you finally can! Seriously, the players of this game who are leaving reviews on Steam are obsessed with pooping, peeing and vomiting on other players. You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Take a gander:

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    So some nazi inspired tattoos are bad enough to take out of the game but it's fine to take a shit on other players? *sigh*

      consider the whole "Nazi" part of things, id rather shit on a player than see offensive tattoos everywhere lmao

      Yes. Poop will always be more tolerable than genocide.

        Both are fine within the context of the game.

          See this is the attitude I prefer. In a game where you're supposedly a monster running around an island full of other monsters both behaviours are fine. What bugs me is that "polite society" is aghast at some virtual tattoos but not finds it funny that you can take a virtual shit in someone's face.

          The reality is if you saw an offending tattoo on someone in real life you'd probably wrinkle your nose and think what a creep. But that's about it. But if someone shat in your face you'd go mental.

          @ all the other people who equate tattoos to genocide. That's not the case, I won't go into the depths of that discussion here but there's a huge difference between a (virtual) tattoo on a (virtual) criminal and the actual actions of Nazis during WW2.

          Considering where the tattoos were in the screenshots I'd find them less offensive than someone taking a dump on my character in game.

            *ugh* I'm not going to edit the typo since the post will go into moderation limbo. Just ignore the "not" in "...virtual tattoos but finds it funny..."

    @skrybe Don't know about you, but I'd much rather be shit on than nazi'd.

    Last edited 11/09/18 3:44 pm

    Was having fun on some servers, but then I kept getting some dick teleport to me and insta jib me in melee. I haven't booted it up since.

      Sounds like my experiences with DayZ back in the day. Really not interested in this particular type of take of survival where its focused around looting and NOTHING else!

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