Sony Announces PlayStation Classic, Launches December 3 [Update]

Here's a neat drop you probably didn't see coming this week: the PlayStation Classic, a mini-remake of the PS1.

Much like Nintendo's mini-consoles, the PlayStation Classic will ship with 20 "generation-defining games". It'll be available from December 3, and will include Ridge Racer Type 3, Final Fantasy 7 and Tekken 3.

"The mini console is approximately 45% smaller than the original PlayStation, and it emulates the original’s look and feel by featuring the same controllers and similar packaging," Sony wrote.

A blog post on the PlayStation website notes that it'll retail for €99.99 internationally, with the full list of games to be announced later. The console will come with two controllers, connecting via HDMI.

Update: Sony's local PR has confirmed that the PS Classic will retail for $149.99.


    Im gonna buy 10 then sell them to the highest bidder on Facebook.

      Honestly, not even going to lie, I've got money coming in and that seems like a sound financial investment.

      Be aware that by the time the SNES classic came out, they were going on eBay for about cost. Everyone that wants one of these will know to pre order the second they are available.

    Wow, lets not let games run on the newest PSX, but ignore them for 20 years and then 'remake' the console and then resell it as a 'classic', so sick for this stupid stuff, would have been good if they just gave you access to things you'd bought on release of new consoles.

      The PS3 runs PS1 games just fine, and that's what my PS3 has mostly been doing

        This is true. But it would take zero effort to just include an emulator on a PS4 system update and sell the games for 10 bucks each. I’d buy a selection.
        Also a better solution than this ‘streaming games’ marlarky which will never work.

    Looks pretty good, must have about 16gb on board for that. The SNES mini is already pretty powerful, so i doubt there would be much different.

    But the OG PSX controller is pretty gross and spindly, the upgrade to the dualshock was a huge step up. I really don't want to go back.

      Meanwhile there are millions of people looking at their screens and screaming "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!"

      I agree the dualshock was a massive step up, but compared to most of the controllers that went before, the OG PSX controller wasn't bad. It was a good base to build from.

      If they're smart though, they'll make the PS4 controllers compatible.

    Oh great! It has FF7? where is ff8 everybody???!!!

      Would It be a valid argument to say that FF7 was more generation defining then FF8?

        I don't even like 7 and it was clearly more iconic than 8 or unfortunately 9.

    Definitely will buy later

    I didn't have a PS One so not really aimed at me but I think the price is gonna put it out of the impulse buy territory that the Nintendo minis were already towards the edge of.. Especially here in Oz.

    Weird that they haven't announced all the games. Must still be trying to work through licensing issues.

    I've been playing PSX classics on my vitamins for years. It's portable and on work trips I'd remote login to play PS4 games.
    Definitely just looks like a money grab by Sony because it worked for Nintendo. They'll make a killing off this

    Wired controllers put me off the NES and SNES mini. Won't be getting this either. Its a part of the old gens I can happily live without.

    Be interesting to see what the games are, but a lot of the early 3d stuff hasn’t aged terrifically well - some of the better titles such as ff are available on almost every platform (& coming to the rest soon) already so at $150 it’s a tough sell...? Make it a $50 bundle offering on the ps4 (again, depending on the games) & it’d be more tempting?

    I'm sucker for things like this but it's a hard sell for me. I reckon I probably still have every game that will likely be announced for this except for whatever Jumping Flash is. My original PS1 collection is full of mighty good titles, but I'll be interested to see the full list of included games.

    Also maybe it's a bad thing but I'm also interested because it'll likely be more powerful than the highly moddable SNES and NES mini consoles, which could be good for ... reasons.

    Last edited 19/09/18 5:29 pm

      Jumping Flash is actually the very first 3D platformer. It's in the Guinness Book for Records and everything. Predates Super Mario 64 by more than a year. It's a pretty good game too, well worth having in your collection.

    Please! Please! Please! Please! Please have Metal Gear Solid!

    Wow...wasn't expecting this at all but it looks great. Rather fortuitous timing since I only just put a video on my youtube channel about PlayStation facts.

    Can I shameless plug here? I hope I can:

    But yeah I think I'll be one of those "shut up and take my money" people.

    Most good games from that era are on psn, so I’m not sure which games to hope for.

    ridge racer type 3? last time I checked that didn't exist

    Yo Sony, no Rollcage = no purchase. Simple as that really.

    Wasn’t the psone 45% smaller than the psx anyway. So it’s the same size as the psone?

      Not quite. I think they use the "X% smaller" number in different ways. 50% smaller can mean 1/2 the size, or it can mean 1/8th the size, depending on whats 50% smaller. Half the volume versus half the measurements would do that - 10cm cube is 1000cm3 while a 5cm cube is 125cm3.

      When you look at what looks like the modelling of the classic, it seems nowhere near big enough to hold a CD (and yes, I know its fake and wont) while every version of the PS needed to be at least that 5 1/4" size for that reason.

      That central circle representing the CD enclosure isn't near that diameter so I think they're referring to half the measurements while the psone referred to half the volume.

    Sony: "No backwards compatibility on PS4 because no one like old games"

    Also Sony:

      “When we’ve dabbled with backwards compatibility, I can say it is one of those features that is much requested, but not actually used much,” says [Sony global sales chief Jim Ryan]. “That, and I was at a Gran Turismo event recently where they had PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games, and the PS1 and the PS2 games, they looked ancient, like why would anybody play this?”

    Only games that would make me buy this is Vandal Hearts 1 + 2.

    I skipped the others but this made m e bat an eyelid. Cool boarders 2, Jonah Lomu rugby, Gran Turismo, twisted metal pleeaaassee!

    Tekken 3 makes this very attractive, that game hasn't been re-released due to licensing issues with Gon I believe.

    Suikoden 2 would make be buy it instantly. But a good nod to Wild Arms being among the games, using the opening song as my ringtone at the moment.

    I must admit pricing is a bit steep and some of the 3D graphics hasn't really aged well.

    I'm pretty sure all of you are excited for the Playstation Classic coming out on December 3 pre-loaded with 20 PS1 games including Final Fantasy VII which is arriving for the Nintendo Switch in 2019, Ridge Racer, Tekken 3, Jumping Flash, and Wild Arms.
    Now if only Sony could include 20th Century Fox's Croc Legend of the Gobbos, BANDAI NAMCO'S Pac-Man, Naughty Dog's Crash Bandicoot, Mad crazy Point Blank, and Time Crisis. So funny you guys think you would be found guilty as a criminal in court.
    Well not me though I'm not getting the Playstation Classic my Playstation days are over and done with.
    So instead I'll be focussing on my Nintendo days and getting my hands on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when it comes out on December 7.

      Got halfway through the 2nd line before I got you. Getting better!

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