Sony Japan Is Finally Saying Goodbye To The PS2

Image: Sony,Image: Logos Wikia

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s aftercare service for the PlayStation 2 in Japan is ending. While the console has been out of production since 2012, Sony Japan continued to service to the game machine, keeping it alive. Sony is now pulling the plug. 

As IT Media reports, Sony Japan asked PS2 owners to fill out online forms by August 31 to have their consoles fixed one last time. PS2 that arrive at the PlayStation Clinic service centre in Iwate Prefecture after September 7 will not be serviced.

Those who did not register online prior had until August 31 to send their consoles in. Customer support for the PS2 also officially ended that same day.

The PlayStation 2 launched on 4 March 2000 in Japan. It went on to become the best-selling game console ever.


    Aah. The PS2 what a console!
    The end of an era I hadn't realised was still going!

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