Spider-Man Has Some Quality Bugs

A fact of life for any open world game is bugs. Spider-Man has some good ones.

Given that Spider-Man has been pretty popular over the last week, people have been posting some cracking bugs. A lot of these might be corrected by the time you go through your playthrough, with patches 1.02, 1.03 and 1.04 all correcting various unmentioned issues.

Which is a shame. Because, honestly, the game is so much funnier when you run into shit like this.

The character models in particular seem to have been a bone of contention for the game. Not for the people playing, obviously.

Sometimes the NPCs don't recognise the situations they're in, to everyone's delight.

I guess I found a bug from r/Spiderman

And then sometimes you just have old fashioned clipping issues.

Ever wondered what the inside of all those skyscrapers was like?

A user on Resetera even found a way to get past the Statue of Liberty and across to the low-poly city on the horizon.

Image/GIF: Resetera (Last_colossi)

There's a great thread on Resetera here, and people are posting bugs on Twitter, YouTube and throughout Reddit.


    I have been lucky, only have two bugs so far, a person floating in the air. One mob stuck in a building, so i had to restart a mission.

    Man, my game has crashed a LOT.

    I had a review copy so this was maybe a pre-launch patch issue, but I've had so many crashes.
    Starting to irritate me now.

      I didn't pick up a copy until Monday (retail, not review) and have had a handful of crashes too. Worst of all, it won't let me update either.

      Don't think that's a pre-launch issue.

    I was going to say "the whole game is a quality bug" but spiders are arachnids.

    I should go over to the Hollow Knight article with this comment instead.

    I got stuck inside a crane jib on one of the Kingpin thugs building site missions. Only fix was to restart the mission from the saved checkpoint, so no big deal.

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