Stoner Koala Game Gets Its Own Real-Life Craft Beer

Stoner Koala Game Gets Its Own Real-Life Craft Beer

As far as game promos go, having your own real-life beer is a pretty good one.

Craft beer fans in Australia might be familiar with Wayward Brewing Co, the craft brewery and bar based in Sydney’s Inner West. Their core beers are available in certain pubs and clubs around the state, along with single batch brews sold just at their cellar bar.

But to help promote the upcoming quirky koala adventure game STONE, Wayward has produced a special “Dank Black” IPA. It’ll be sold from this Friday at three locations across the country: the Wayward brewery in Sydney, the Netherworld bar, arcade and diner in Brisbane, and Bar SK in Melbourne, the same venue that recently hosted Robert Yang’s homo-erotic game about AFL.

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It’s not the first gamer-beer that’s launching this week, funnily enough. Netherworld are also showcasing a Brut IPA that’s inspired by Day of the Tentacle, although that’s only available from noon until 2300 tonight.

STONE‘s dank black IPA, however, should be available for a while longer. According to Bar SK, the brew is designed to be as close “as possible to the terpenes found in marijuana”. “Roasty, piney, dank and resinous,” the bar added.

Codes of STONE will also be given away at all three venues, and Bar SK notes that a demo of the game will be playable throughout the night as well.


  • Quite often when looking at craft beers I wonder. Did some one come up with a beer and found a good name. Or did they came up with a good name and then made beer.

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