Stormy Daniels Says Donald Trump Has 'A Dick Like The Mushroom Character From Mario Kart'

Stormy Daniels, the adult performer at the centre of one of President Donald Trump’s larger personal scandals, has a new book out next month, and somehow there is room for an excellent Nintendo/dick reference in it.

An early copy of the book—called Full Disclosure—has been obtained by The Guardian, and amidst all the other details of her alleged affair with the President of the United States that have already been shared, is this:

He knows he has an unusual penis. It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool…

I lay there, annoyed that I was getting fucked by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart...

It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion.

I’m glad she didn’t name him. Toad deserves better.

There’s more of the book’s early revelations over at The Guardian.


    Thanks for putting that imagine in my brain Kotaku. Seriously? Is this what Journalism is now? Spreading (not news) what a world leader's dick looks like?

      You prefer the old times where we had sex videos of Bill Clinton?

    Wow good to know.........jilted lover says bad things about exs genitals, sky is also blue more at 5

      Except she's neither jilted or a "lover", you know. Not trying to say whether the claim is true (in fact, trying to keep my mind as far away as possible from considering it), just that if it's not true, it is not for that reason.

    Oh boy, the comment section in this one is going to be a joy. I mean Trump is an utter moron with the temperament of a child. But this article is reaching at best. Other than the mario reference this really has no place on here.

    What next? Putin mentions tetris in a speech so we suddenly have articles about the kremlin?

      I think it would be more that we'd compare his penis to a Z block and how you can't fit those anywhere.

    So I guess now we wait for all the leftists and fat feminists to show up and decry Stormy for "bodyshaming" Trump right? (totally fictional crime BTW). No? We could guarantee they'd be out in force if he had made some remarks about Stormy's body instead.

    It's evident that Kotaku doesn't like Donald Trump (and honestly for good reason, I don't like him either) but articles like this are pretty dumb.

    But hey, I'm the fool and I clicked it.

      Be honest, you didn't click for the article, you clicked for the comments. (I know I did)

        Guilty as charged....


        There's other reasons to click on articles?



    Kotaku.... seriously?
    Yes it references Mario Kart but that's a stretch to post an article like this for that reason.
    I enjoy the majority of content on this site, but this is a stretch.

    But hey - I clicked right, so ad revenue = success!

      *cough adblock cough*

        Yep i know, but I like to try to support the sites I frequent and the content I (mostly) enjoy.

    For a site that's normally very progressive in its coverage and commentary on a range of social issues, I'm shocked that it was considered OK to effectively shame a guy for his penis (regardless of how loathsome that guy is).

    Would you have put up an article if Trump compared her genitals to a video game character? I seriously doubt it, and I'd hope not.

    Uber disappointing Kotaku.

      Yeah but that's because it's a man so it's probably okay by SJW standards!

      Having said that what about the rest of us having to live with the image those words create.

        Wait but doesn't your comment now make you an SJW?

    Damn - this is just sad now. What has happened to this site?

    It's been a great couple of years, but this is the last straw.

    I'm done with Kotaku.

      I'm only here once a month now, more just incase there is some intetesting local news. Most of the stuff either doesn't interest me or like this is just trash.

    Regardless of your political view, you have to admit this article doesn’t belong on a video games website.. the author needs to double check his job description and stop writing about what someone’s penis looks like, and focus on video game news

      exactly no one here thinks this is fitting . the only reason why its been posted is because of the words "mario kart". this is a stretch that not even Stretch Armstong would make

    There's been a bit too much focus on Nintendo characters' nipples and penises in 2018.

    Mustn’t have been anything interesting on Reddit to steal I guess.

      I can't upvote this enough.
      Im still waiting for the steam reactions post about it though.

    @alexwalker am I right in you get to decide what comes from the u.s. site? What do you think?

      OK, now that our CMS isn't on fire I can circle around to this. (This week has been ... ugh. Wrote about it in TAY.)

      I think this article was meant to be light-hearted and give everyone a laugh. I remember laughing when I saw the reference in the Guardian article, so I didn't expect there would be such an adverse reaction. Especially since it ran at 6am - shorter, more lighthearted posts run around midnight and the late hours of the evening, not the longer features. And it's absolutely not out of form for us to report on weird references to video games in other media.

      But obviously everyone in the comments saw differently and didn't find it funny at all - and hey, that's OK. Just have to keep finding and writing content that people do like.

    I just had to scroll past 26 ads to see the comment section. 26! That is absurd.

    oh man i'm screen capping the comments for posterity and will post online.

    good article!

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