Take A Moment To Calm Down With Cities: Skylines

I'm a believer in the power of Cities: Skylines cinematic videos as calming experiences, and a video of digital animals just hanging around is just what the doctor called for.

In this instance, I am the doctor, and I'm prescribing you a few minutes of watching a camera sweep over animals that were introduced to Cities: Skylines via the Park Life expansion. While I don't know how much of an impact these animals have on actual gameplay, the video by TDB Games puts them to perfect use.

They just exist, and in doing so, they chill me out considerably.

While the video description doesn't have any information about it, I am assuming that there are some kind of mods involved here. After all, I can never get my mountains to be that scenic in my own unmodded Skylines games.


    I'm not usually one to comment, let alone criticize, but this article has got to be one of the laziest posts I've ever seen... 'here's a video i found on youtube. i couldn't be bothered researching how the Park Life expansion effects game play, nor could i care about finding out which mods where used to create this video, i have a quota of published articles to fill, and this is the most basic way i can achieve that'... at least that was my interpretation of the 'article'.

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