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    Anyone else doing jig with excitement over the news that THQ Nordic acquired the rights to Timesplitters? There hasn't been a FPS that I've liked enough to play through anything other that the main story mode since, so the possibility of a remaster/new game thrills me to no end.

      I never played the original so although I have heard of it, there is no nostalgia there for me.
      But seeing other people excited over the IP makes me want to check it out

      My wife is giddy with excitement. Future Perfect is one of her favourite games of all time.

      Hoping for a 1, 2, 3 remastered multipack and that funding the development of number 4.

      This made my month. Timesplitters IP back with the original studio, and an obvious want to exploit it.

      I for one look forward to our new Timesplitters overlords.

    OK, I need a snacktaku on these caramel m&ms

      Personally, I find they fail at being m+ms, but succeed as candy covered cobblers.

      Not being able to crunch down on an m+m qas weirdly offputting for me.

        Agree so, so much!

        Stick to the originals/peanuts for all your m&m needs, there are better chewy caramel treats elsewhere (rolo’s/munchies still king in the caramel department, or twix a good backup!).

    So I did a commission for numbers. Here's the image.
    It was the first time using Paint tool Sai. I really enjoyed using the program, much more than photoshop. So much cheaper too.

      Cool! Not tried Sai before so will have to have a look at it!

      I tend to use clip paint (formerly Manga) studio as opposed to Photoshop for line work, recently been trying Autodesk sketchbook too which got a huge update/improvement last year too - hated it previously but much improved now; both are much cheaper than PS - not sure how they compare to Sai (yet) though - if you’re looking at/for alternatives...?

        Paint tool sai has line art like illustrator with the ability to change the thickness of each point rather then just a general shape, like illustrator does. It doesn't do gradients though, like illustrator does.
        The painting part work more like Corel painter, rather than photoshop, with the ability to blend two colours together, something that can be near impossible for photoshop to do.
        I just can't praise Paint tool Sai enough

      Tried Krita or Affinity Photo yet? Also, looking good!

        I tried Krita, but I felt it wasn't as good as PTS

          It is free was more my point if you can't afford PTS :P.

            Oh I have a copy of Photoshop and illustrator that I acquired. =P

    Can anyone who’s played both make a call; Dead Cells Or Hollow Knight?

    Might play both eventually, but if they had to pick just one?

      Hollow knight. Both are great, but HK is a crafted experience from end-to-end. It nails intrinsic lore and atmosphere of the best metroid/souls games, has brilliant music, and is beautifully rendered. It's also Australian.

      Dead cells is worth your time, but afterwards. :p

    Is there a reason an account goes back into the state of every comment needs moderation?

      lots of downvotes =(

        That's dumb, people disagreeing with my comments shouldn't equate to my comments requiring moderation.

          There is a reason it's in place. We had a troll account called Sandy Cervix, which is why it's in place. It's to stop trolls. Let @Alexwalker know and it should be fixed up soon

            @AlexWalker ? I can never remember what is capitalised

                god damn it.

                  Bit late now I suppose, but the tags are always all lowercase. Best way to remember is just look at everyone else's, no caps to be found.

    I jumped in on morphies law because the core concept is very smart.

    The online is absolutely unplayable atm, with severe, severe lag rendering basic movement impossible.

    BUT, the offline bot matches show how well the gameplay systems work. The game modes are very clever, much more compelling than TDM or CTF. The gyro controls are lifted straight from splatoon 2 and work excellently, a feat seemingly out of the reach of most devs. The aesthetic works really well, and the character and weapon customisation is robust.

    The body-part aim assist is a bit strong, especially on the starting weapon, and the game sounds are a mixed bag, but the devs are pretty receptive.

    They're about to submit a patch to address the lag, hopefully it does the trick. As it stands the game is hobbled for an online shooter, but it could come good.

      The only issue I have with morphies law is that it seems like the sort of game you really need friends to play. I feel like it might not be as fun without your mates and that may let it down in the future

    I'm most likely late to the party for this, but your thoughts, @weresmurf?

      Guilty as hell. Will be settled out of court so as not to block season 2.

        One side or both?

        Granted, CBS should have not done this (if the claims are true) but what of the claimants own actions?

        Some are even saying the game takes a lot of queues from Star Gate and Dune.

        More to the point, if what the indy dev has done counts as plagiarism, would it be possible to get a guilty verdict to stick on CBS?

          It may take inspiration from them, however in the areas of the Tardegrade, this is clearly lifted from this game as Star Trek has *absolutely* no use of this aspect in canon before.

          It's absolutely possible for someone to plagiarise plagiarisation. They can still be fined or forced to compensate, however that compensation might not end up paid to who we expect.

    You know that feeling when you stop playing a game for a while, come back and realise you were 1-2 levels from the end? I resumed my Hollow Knight save last night, having quit after numerous failed attempts at Nosk last year. It didn't take long to get back into the swing of things, and beat him on my third attempt.

    After getting lost a few times, I managed to get to the third Dreamer.... and cue final boss. Crazy to think I ragequit on an optional boss when I was just one platforming area from unlocking the final boss... Anyway, after several attempts and more than a few loadout swaps, I beat him. Still only at 53% completion, tho, so planning to keep wandering around - there's clearly a lot that I missed.

    I'm most likely going to be laughed out of here again, but I'm at my wits end.

    Sorry to pester you both, @zombiejesus and @welbot, but I'm having a hard time keeping Windows Update on my Windows 10 machines disabled.

    It seems over time Microsoft keeps learning what one does and puts new hooks in to turn Windows Update back on.

    Below is pretty much what I've done over the years:
    * Gone into Computer Management -> Services and set Windows Update to "Disabled"
    * Updated Group Policy to disable Windows Update (it's also the same path taken to disable telemetry).
    * Check Task Scheduler from time to time to make sure there isn't *another* task put there with System privledges to turn Windows Update back on.

    As a self-employed programmer, I keep such updates to a given time every two or four weeks so my work is not interrupted (especially when there is a massive crunch) but of late it seems I just can't keep this unwanted service disabled.

    Am I missing something or is there something new I have to do now to keep my PCs personal?

    Regardless of the outcome, my thanks in advance.

      If you're running Windows 10 Pro, the group policy change should be all you need (it's what I've been using and it works on my end at least). Windows 10 behaves differently once you actually tell it to install an update and you have less control over when it restarts compared to previous versions, but if you set the group policy to prompt to both download and install, it shouldn't force updates or restarts on you without your intervention.

      Just a note, some guides say to disable the Configure Automatic Updates policy. That's flat wrong, it's never worked and I don't know why they recommend it. You absolutely need it enabled, and choose option 2 (Notify for download and auto install) from the dropdown.

      Don't bother with registry changes, they either change the same value the group policy already changes, or they disable updates altogether and not just auto-updates. And occasionally on a major update where they've changed update rules, you may need to redo the group policy. I've only had to do that once though.

      Yeah pretty much what he said. But be aware, that when you do finally decide to update, if it's a major one (like the fall update etc.) it may undo everything you've done, and you'll have to reconfigure everything all over again. I've complained to them so many times about it. Doesn't always affect group policy, but I've had it reset that too, so always worth checking.
      So annoying. When I disable services etc for security purposes, who the fuck are they come in and re-enable them just because they want to update something. It is possible to update files without re-enabling services... so garbage!

      @zombiejesus and @welbot.

      First, my apologies for not getting back sooner (work, 'nuff said).

      I must have missed something as I am running Windows 10 Pro (I'm the kind that doesn't acknowledge the existence of the Home editions).

      Come the weekend, I'm definitely reviewing the settings of my machines. Thank you both.

      Overall, I feel the term PC has become a misnomer. Once installed, the machine becomes more a Peripheral (to Microsoft) Computer rather than a Personal (to me) Computer.

        I know what you mean. I also don't like the forced reboots. It wouldn't be so bad if they'd let you specify a shorter time period in which they could happen, but only allowing you to specify like an 8 hour Active use period is just fucking retarded. I can understand them not allowing you to set active period to all 24 hrs, but shit... let us at least specify down to 1-2 hours so we can have forced reboots at 3-4am or something :\

      My suggestion, delay security updates by two days, and feature updates by fourteen, and set the update time to Three AM in the morning. Shouldn't have any disruptions at that point.

      Learn to live with it is a better strategy IMO that trying to fight it.

    I have started on some splatoon shirt prototype designs
    It is hard to find nice splatoon shirt designs and it really shouldn't be, so I'm making them myself

      Looks good. It's hard to find any shirt that's just a thing. There's always the core shirt and then the mandatory marketing or whatever. Like normally this would have Splatoon 2 written on it even though keeping it simple is part of the appeal of the design.

        I feel like it is low key geekness. People who don't play it can appreciate it. People that do play can get excited =P

    Sorry if this is a double post. Does anyone know there's been any word on XBOX One X and PS4 Pro 2TB editions? I wouldn't mind picking one up, but 1TB is annoying enough that I'm happy to wait for a 2TB if it's not too far off.

      PS4's are easy enough to upgrade the hard drive yourself.

      My suggestion, Seagate Firecuda 2TB 2.5" drives are a great upgrade, with enough SSD cache for the OS to be snappy, but plenty of space for games.

      As for the XB, no news sadly. Really wish MS would just let us upgrade them ourselves, but the only option is a USB HDD.

        Thanks. I can understand from a security point of view. I guess. No matter what I think of Microsoft's master plan it was ambitious enough to justify caution, but isn't a massive hard drive the point of a premium line of consoles?

    Hunt showdown is currently 55% off on Humble Bundle putting it at $18.59 Aud. It is a really good buy if you are looking for an atmospheric PvPvE shooter.

    Calling TAY the friendliest community on the web is a horrendous overstatement. Kotaku is widely talked about for toxicity. Do a web search. We’re a mess here. We bicker over everything and insult each other. And I get comments like this deleted because censorship can make criticism go away.

      I am confused. Are you agreeing, or disagreeing?

      I am generally confused anyway though =P

        It is both. Nothing is ever black and white. I just get defensive for Kotaku is all.

          I am still rather confused =P
          Tay is usually a great place, used to be much more lively though

            Yeah I was using TAY to pass commentary on Kotaku. I was being a little bitch. I just had a full body massage on the beach and now all my resent and sith powers have faded into zen.

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