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    Final Space is amazing. Anyone with Netflix and an interest in animated shows should watch it.

      I enjoyed it. The creator was clearly a futurama fan, and while it eschews a lot of the higher level comedy of that show it nails the emotion of the greater episodes.

      It's basically a run of only sad episodes, which is my favourite type of animated comedy.

      David tennant is a little underused, and the main character's voice work is a little uninspired next to real voice actors, but there's some very good work in there.

      Definitely worth a watch. Took an episode or two to grow on me, but from there on it just got better and better. That little countdown at the start of each episode took on more and more meaning through the series as well, something I didn't really appreciate until about Ep 4.

      Surprisingly well crafted, and something I'll watch when Season 2 hits whenever.

    Anyone else feel like they wasted their money at the moment on Dayz for xbox ? I've spent roughly 3 to 4 hours on it with about 40 mins of that time actually playing the game the rest was spent trying to connect to a server. Is their any particular servers that have a better hit ratio than others . I thought SG may have been best but only servers I could get a connection on was US surprisingly enough. Any recommendations? What's your thoughts on the game. For the time I did get to play it wasn't bad at all and did enjoy it for what it was even got killed by another survivor with a crowbar.
    I'm thinking to put it down for a few weeks until servers are sorted as I really want to give this game a good shot I've waited so long for something like this .

      Ive had the game since it was released on early access. And its barely changed. Sure its had some things added. But its still lacking in gameplay length and depth. I got it on release on early access for $20. Its still not worth that amount to this day.

        As a Star Citizen investor I find the pace of development for Dayz even more frustrating.

    Spent the weekend watching Amazon's Jack Reacher and thoroughly enjoyed it. It took a bit to stop identifying the main character as jim from US office but it was still a good show. Looking forward to more seasons.

      I think you mean Jack Ryan. Jack Ryan being a Tom Clancy character, Jack Reacher being Lee Childs character played by Tom Cruise in the film adaptation. Worst casting ever.

        Sorry, Got my shows mixed up lol. Id edit it. But my comment would end up in moderation for the rest of time.

      Lol I know right? I kept waiting for him to look straight at the camera and blink.

    Has it just been today that the ads on the bottom of each article's image on the front page have become a thing? Also scrolling banner ad across the bottom of the page in an article.

      I dunno if it is new for today, but I know that Kotaku is become really annoying to use on my phone in the last few months.

      It's horrible, the ads on Kotaku are getting worse and it's really putting me off visiting. Some of the ads cover the article image completely, so the only content you are seeing is a header and blurb, the other 80% of the page is ads.

      It's been there a while, but the website is starting to slow down my phone

      ...and those ads seem to have disappeared again - so someone might have been experimenting with layouts I guess.

    Last night I broke my Logitech G933', but I was more frustrated than anything. I have never had hardware get progressively worse as quickly as my G933. When I first got them they were amazing for the price, but updates quickly turned them to crap; making them incompatible with chrome videos, not being as loud and having low range static.

    So today I went out and picked up the current gen A50s. Hopefully they are better than my last pair.

      I've had such a bad run with Logitech stuff over the years, build quality was always mediocre at best. These days I use a Beyerdynamic headset and separate mic, and Roccat mouse. The latter at least has been completely the opposite experience, excellent quality and lasts forever.

    Any views on upgrading to a ps4 Pro without a 4K tv? Particularly interested in views from those who have actually done that. Is there a worthwhile benefit? Worth the cost? Cheers.

      The only real upside is that at 1080p you normally get a more stable framerate

      I brought a PS4 Pro last week and I have a 4K TV. So far it hasn't really impressed me. The real test will be going back to the games on a regular PS4.

      It's ultimately going to matter on how much the cost matters to you.

      At best, the price difference to upgrade might be somewhere near $100-200, if you can wait on a deal for the Pro for ~$400 and then get a good sale on you're used PS4 OG.

      I believe the general advice is that it may be worth it if you have a 4K display, but even then the difference is fairly marginal.

      For me, performance (i.e. fps) is more important. In that respect a 1080p display is fine, in fact maybe better to optimize performance. But if you're not a PC gamer, more of a dedicated console player, then you mightn't care much about a game playing at 60fps instead of 30fps (and that's presuming the console version/port is unlocked for frames >30).

      Ask yourself how much the cost matters for you. If it does matter, put the money away for the PS5 in maybe 18mo time; it'll be much better spent on unlocking the next generation of gaming than it would be on a modest bump in resolution or performance for the current one.

      Last edited 10/09/18 11:23 am

      I own a PS4 Pro and a 10 year old FHD Bravia, I went for the Pro due to the better framerates in Pro supported games, and I would not go back at all.

      What I haven't seen elsewhere is supersampling on games as well - a brute force form of anti-aliasing that can really clean up certain games. In addition the boost to image quality in PSVR is substantial, and if you use PSVR or are interested I would highly recommend the Pro.

    Here's a game I'm gonna rant about. Iconoclasts. A game that started off good but when the credits rolled I was happy because it meant I didn't need to play it anymore.

    To start off the design and presentation is wonderful. Sprites are well animated and keep up until the end of the game. There's always something new and I always love watching my character move. Hell, sometimes I redo actions just because the sprites are nice.

    However the details are too much. Everything is so flashy and the screen shakes so much that it's hard to tell what's what. I can't tell you how many times I took a hit from an explosion that I couldn't see. One of the first bosses has an attack where it drills into the roof. When it does, two explosions burst out in an arc that you have to avoid. Considering when the impact happens it causes detail explosions, on top of the screen shaking, you don't even notice the explosions until you lose health.

    This game has a huge problem with tells, many attacks just happen and you immediately get hit because there was no wind up. For example, late in the game you fight a huge ivory tree alongside a rocket. One of its attacks is it just falls over backwards and the only way to avoid it is to BE on the end of the screen. There's no tell, no noise, no windup. It just slams backwards. Actually, it does have a tell. Sometimes before it slams backwards it will smash its face into the rocket. However, if you're on the ground when that happens you become frozen in place, THEN in falls backwards and hits you. Plus, that head attack also has no tell, so you can only rely on hoping you're already in the air to avoid it. This is all while you're dodging all its other attacks too.

    The bosses do have tells, but most of the time you gotta take several hits before you can even recognize it. On top of the graphics being really busy, it's hard to notice what is a tell.

    Funny thing is, I can actually forgive those problems, but then I noticed why I couldn't about half-way through the game. This game sucks as a Metroidvania game. It's built like one, there's treasure chests everywhere that reward you with a piece of crafting material, some can't be reached without solving a puzzle or coming back later with the right upgrades. But then I noticed that there's no health upgrades. The health you begin the game with is the same you beat it with. If there were some health upgrades then I could forgive an unfair attack but since there's none I end up dying a lot.

    Speaking of crafting, it sucks. Mostly because there's nothing worth crafting. About an hour in I crafted my third 'shield' upgrade and every other upgrade after that was just done to empty the list. I never used them (you can only equip three at a time). Except for a breathing upgrade which is required to find a hidden boss, every other upgrade is worthless. Oh, an upgrade that makes my explosions slightly larger? Usually if I miss I miss, my grenade won't be touching the enemy from the other side of the room. An upgrade that allows me to spin my wrench for longer? There's no penalty for letting go and re-spinning. Double jump? There's like, two chests you can use it for and those chests can be gained by shooting downwards while jumping.

    The story and lore is pretty good. But it peters out by the end. I have no idea what the final boss is in relation to the themes and story of the game because it's so out of place. Also it may be because I wasn't paying attention near the beginning but I thought the relationship between two characters were mother and daughter and in the ending it's revealed they're lovers.

    The main character kinda sucks because I don't know what she's thinking. She just does stuff cause, why not? Hell, at the end of the game you're not told to take on the final boss and she gives no indication that she wants to. You just notice a waypoint on your map and you follow it to discover the final boss. Feels so weird.

    Some of the rules make no sense. Like, you can crawl into a vent, but ONLY if you can ledge grab the vent. If the vent is too low to the ground then you can't crawl in. Sometimes enemies respawn, and sometimes they don't. A boss fight requiring you to smash a box on all sides and be damaged by the wrench from the left and right, but the top needs a ground pound. You can't swing at the roof despite your hit box covering the whole thing.

    While it looks great it's a real frustrating mess.

      I didn't really read it because it doesn't sound like my type of game anyway, but I feel like this needs an upvote

    I finished donut county in two days. I am disappointed by how short it was, but other then that, I really, really enjoyed it. It filled a hole left in my life by katamari.
    It was such a strange quirky game.
    It isn't just dropping everything in a hole either. It gets more complex as it introduces puzzle elements making it all the more fun.
    I would like more for the price, but I can't complain too much =P

    Such an exciting time for games right now.

    Spider-man (PS4) has really blown me away, after some initial scepticism.

    Two Point Hospital (PC) is such a treat, and a good surprise getting it without any preceding fanfare or hype.

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider out this week. So many big titles coming the next few months. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the massive one, only 6-weeks more.

    Last edited 10/09/18 10:10 am

    My wife and I picked up Overcooked 2 last weekend. We finished it in about 5 sittings and 100% it in one more. But it was totally worth it. One of the best party games I've played in ages.

      Are you still married though?

        Should we send in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes to finish the job?

          We were here could also work.

        We are!

        We also played Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes together. I think the only achievement we didn't get on Steam was disarm X number of bombs. We finished it quickly enough that we didn't get that one in the course of playing.

          your marriage is made of solid rock!

            This is why she's the only woman who could ever stand to live with me.

    Just read the NBA 2K19 article & reminded me of this; I can’t personally stand all the extra versions & such you can get for any game, but if people want to pay more in an SP game to get extra stuff then their choice etc. Where I get the jitters is when I see stuff like this;

    The Red Dead Redemption 2: Special Edition delivers exclusive content for Story Mode including:
    Bank Robbery Mission & Gang Hideout
    Dappled Black Thoroughbred
    Talisman & Medallion Gameplay Bonuses
    Gameplay Boosts
    Cash Bonuses & Discounts
    The Nuevo Paraiso Gunslinger Outfit

    It’s the gameplay bonuses/boosts bit that has me raising an eyebrow - am really tired of games artificially padding themselves/making the game a slog to tempt you to buy MT’s/special editions. I might be worrying over nothing & perhaps the boosts will make the game stupid easy, but recent history has me smelling a grind...

    Their ‘out’ with all of this is the obvious ‘you don’t have to buy it/can all be earned normally’ but of Battlefront 2/Shadow of war have taught us anything it’s that the base game can (& often does) suffer from such things. One of the biggest releases of the year, gotta be honest that this has pee’d on my enthusiasm a touch... Anyone buying into this stuff?

      Shit like this is basically what made the game go from a day one buy to a sub-$50 buy for me. I'll probably pick it up this time next year. It just smells like a vehicle for Red Dead Online to me and I'm not interested in that in any fashion.

        Yeah i’ve got to be honest, it’s stopped me in my tracks... I very rarely pre-order anything anyway but was seriously considering this with how much I loved the original. Now I think i’ll just have to apply my EA/Ubisoft policy where if I don’t avoid it altogether i’ll buy the special edition - with the boosts to avoid the grind - only when it’s significantly cheaper than the standard edition at launch.

        Maybe i’m being an overly cynical asshat & I should accept now that games rrp is actually $130? I think i could make peace with that if there weren’t another 5 versions of each game? Hopefully the reviews will confirm whether it’s particularly egregious or not, but i’ve noticed that a lot of them don’t tend to even touch on it, possibly due to the publisher supplying a code for the special editions & them not noticing?

        Even if GTA:O sucked, GTA5's single player was still pretty awesome. It is a crime that they never did any single player DLC for it though.

    @djbear I'm pinging you here because it's an old, out of the way article that's about as close to a DM as Kotaku offers, unfortunately.

    Are you okay? I'm genuinely worried about you. Your hostility has been ramping for the past 8 months, but now you're starting to lash out at things that aren't even there. The guy who cheated to beat that game didn't mention accessibility at all, but you're instantly accusing him of not caring about disabled people and using them as an excuse. Except he didn't.

    But even if he did, you're not so far gone that you can't believe there are people who genuinely care about others. Just because a journalist expresses care about something doesn't mean it's fake. It feels like you've given yourself over so much to cynicism lately that you're projecting these negative assumptions onto anything and everything, unfairly so.

    The specific case that prompted this isn't especially important and I don't want to get bogged down in arguing minutia. But I really am concerned with how you've been lately and I want to check up on you. I've been pretty deep into cynicism myself, during years of depression, and it's a bad place to be, man. When you let yourself see the worst in everything it drives your mood down and makes it even harder to get back out again.

    I hope you don't see this as an attack. We obviously disagree on some things but you're a long time community member here, and we've agreed on more than we've disagreed on in the past. But I don't like seeing people go down this path, and maybe just talking with you might help.

      I think you misunderstood my comment. I wasn't lashing out at the guy who tweeted. It was the journos using disabled gamers to prop up their argument for am easy mode.

      The article was an opportunity to voice my frustration with disabled gamers essentially being used as a prop.

        Well, this is specific to this particular instance that I don't want to get bogged down in, but none of the journalists involved in that article did that. And besides that, don't you see how it would be bad faith to assume a journalist is using disabled people as a prop and not that they really do care about accessibility? That's an awfully serious accusation to make about someone.

        The broader theme is what concerns me, that you seem to be just going for the worst conceivable explanation and then locking that in. If you're sure you're doing okay then I accept that, it just really doesn't look like it from here.

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