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    Cranked out original giant boxy PS1 over the weekend, the TV I was playing on didn't have AV input in Red/White/Yellow plug so had to dust off the RF tuner plug. Such unnatural noises from games, you forget how rubbish (And great) the noises from the 90s were.

      The start up sound still gives me good vibes.

      It would be the pixilation that would get me. I remember the PS1 as being groundbreaking graphics, but when you look up the native resolution, it should be pretty clear they weren't.

      640 x 480 may have looked great on a 24" tele in the 90's, but run it on a big 55" LED today and its... less great. Run it on something bigger and/or a 4K tele and heaven help you.

      What a time we lived in.

        I had the same issue with my ps2. Plugged it into my tv with the HD connection. Still looked like crap. So blurry.

          Love my retro gaming, but the massive change in screen sizes we use today versus then really highlights how much we've advanced. Most of those old consoles haven't aged well.

          Its not just consoles either - PC games we run through DOS box can suffer from the same thing. Monitors haven't increased in size so greatly, so its not AS bad, unless you're like me and use a 42" tele as a monitor, but its noticeable going from something like Dungeon Keeper to anything made in the last 10 years..

            A upscaler and converter like a RetroTINK is essential when trying to play older consoles on modern TV's.

              What is the price range on those? I dont want to be spending 100+ just so i can occasionally play PS2 games once a month.

                200-400 depending on feature sets.

            Also, i find anything within the last 10 years look totally decent. But you really notice it once you go back further than that.

            I still love me some retro gaming though. I rarely finish the games but spending 40mins on something I played when I was a kid feels pretty nice.

              Yeah, the number of polygons they throw into games has really exploded in the last decade. Just one more thing a larger screen makes look worse.

              I'm not sure I could handle going back to days of my Commodore Vic 20 graphics. The graphics on games like Paradroid and Trolls & Tribulations were a bit basic.

                Oh totally. When I say retro, for me it's SNES titles and later. I really loved the early 2000s. That was my time. Almost 20yrs ago now!

                I can't go back further than that. I mean, I have some sierra and lucasarts point and clickers from GOG, but it's more for the joy of owning them, than actually playing them, if that makes sense.

                  Makes complete sense to me. I sometimes feel quite happy to have been involved in some small way (i.e. playing) in the games industry in its infancy.

    My Neo Geo X sticks finally arrived from china, and after a little fiddling they now work flawlessly with my mini snes, whuch in turn is now loaded with all of the roms I've bought over the years.

    The emulation is great, the sticks are the only way to play these games, and the only thing i need now is a 3d print of a teeny AES case to re-shell the console.

    A little something for @weresmurf and @zombiejesus.

    I finally finished the TNG TV series last night.

    I don't often say this for long series, but I certainly enjoyed the "journey".

    Of course, I'm cooling off for now. But next stop, DS9.

      I rewatched TNG myself recently, enjoyed it quite a bit once I got through the slog of the first two seasons. But that seemed to be the same for TNG, DS9 and Voyager.

      Enterprise turned out to be a series long slog ;)

      While DS9 did war stories and politics better, and Voyager did its own brand of 'journey home' story better, TNG will always remain with me as the canonical Star Trek. It's the version I always think of first, the version that made the most impact, the version that I will always come back to when I think about what 'Star Trek' means. It was the perfect vision of Star Trek for me.

    This week, my god. First with the office partially flooding, and now - eep - our Refeed has cracked the shits overnight, so RN poor me/Tegan/Hayley/Chris are pulling over everything by hand, one by one.

    Pray for me. Alternatively, please send me a neverending box of No-Doz should you happen to find one

      At this rate everything is going to be on fire by Friday.

      All I have on hand is a prototype card game about making coffee. Will that do?

        That would genuinely give me energy at this point

          It has no pictures at this point and will require a lot of cutting out. Still want me to fling you a link?

            @scree You should totally send us this, if you haven't already. That could be really interesting to write up! (#latetotheparty)

              I sent Alex a link to it on twitter, he may be holding out on you =P
              It is only basic stuff like espressos, flat whites and stuff like that. I may add more hipster options later, but if the base game isn't fun, then what is the point of adding all the bells and whistles?

    Nearly there lads and ladettes. Paxaus is almost upon us and a much needed escape from central australia with it.

    Who the hell thought up the idea of rebooting airbender as a live action series? Seriously, an animated fourth season with Sokka's Quest to create metal writing for Toph Bei Fong, but a live action reboot? They should burn in hell for that one.

    And what are you guys doing for this witch burning holiday (Haloween)? I thought I might nail buffalo horns to a five metre wooden post and stand it in the front yard. Scare the crap out of the local kids...

    So, I had been ignoring my anxiety until it got unmanageable again. Than as I started to deal with the anxiety, my depression was just like "well, we can't have that now."
    As such, I have been told by my psychologist to stop relying on games so much and to do more physical stuff. At the moment, I have been woodworking, plan to paint and having been doing colouring for mindfulness.

      Had a general health check up this week and my vitamin D was low; apparently this affects a lot of things, including general mood and energy levels, along with bone density etc etc. 15-20 minutes outside in the sun may be a beneficial alternative to games on occasion :).

      I too have been spending to much time in front of the telly specifically (OCD on trying to stay on top of my Netflix queue and gaming backlog, leads to stress and strain and not actually being able to enjoy them as much because I'm doing it because of the time usage pressure weighing rather than because I want to) and can definitely see how it has changed my emotional well being over the last couple months.

        My Vitamin D is good because my dog demands at least one walk a day and you cannot upset his schedule.
        Walking does help with anxiety sometimes.
        I learnt a long time to give up on gaming backlog =P

    Sooo on a list of games i’d ‘be least likely to play next’/‘never going to buy’ then anything Destiny related would feature very much near the top - my stubborn & overly principled ass forbade it after feeling so burned on the original base game (great shooting, just found it boring af)...

    A strange turn of events (namely i’m one of only two of my friends with an xbox) led to me receiving a free code for the whole Destiny 2/Forsaken super-ultimate-peanutbutter-deluxe-everything edition. Cynicism & aforementioned stubbornness aside I wasn’t going to look a gifthorse in the mouth & have been keen to see how it’s changed/improved - feel like i’m in bizarro/mirror world right now though because despite having to read nearly the whole internet to understand a load of stuff i’m really enjoying it (thus far; i am but a lowly level 7/power level 68 - whatever that means!).

    I’m never going to try & convince people to play it - the most diehard of fans would never have gotten me to spend a single penny - but grateful this weird quirk has thrown this up, it’s tapped into my ‘Diablo-esque’ loot button in a way that the original didn’t even touch (& the shooting is as solid as ever!). Some weird quirks such as quest rewards (atm) being pretty meh as opposed to just bashing at the world in free-play, and whoever decided that you can only acquire special ammo if you have a weapon that uses that ammo equipped needs a slap (catch 22 - wasn’t going to equip a gun i had no ammo for!), but otherwise hmm, i feel like i’m sleeping with the enemy a fair bit...?! :D

    If anyone can offer any tips that likely won’t be found in the numerous starter guides/vids i’ve been reaearching then much obliged - so many terms (emblems, glimmer, shards - omg!) to get to grips with! Be interesting to see if it holds my interest- may just be novelty/$free that’s doing it for me right now, but i actually enjoy the core loop/reward structure so far too so who knows? I almost feel dirty!! ;)

      i am but a lowly level 7/power level 68 - whatever that means

      Short answer is that the power level is the important stat. Your actual level doesn't really mean much, other than to hold your hand through the campaign. IE, opening up various missions @ lvl X. Once you get to lvl 20, its all about the power level though.

      And that's where you'll find out if you like the game, or find it boring AF like the first one. Levelling your PL is a grind, particularly as you get nearer the cap, and while theres usually enough to do to distract you from the repetition, it'll hit you at some point.

      The first game had it, this has it. I think you've come in at a point where its not so bad, kinda like starting the first Destiny with The Taken King, but its still going to be something to think about.

      As it was free, its a moot point :) Play til you get bored, then find something else.

        Thanks - it is mind boggling to think that a lot of people are running around with a PL of 500+, means I have a lot to catch up on!

        I guess the real test will be when I hit that grind wall, at the moment I feel like I’m constantly progressing with stronger armour/weapons dropping almost constantly which is incredibly satisfying (being able to 1-headshot guys who could soak up a good half a clip or more 30 minutes earlier is never not going to feel awesome) but realise as levels go up that’ll plateau a bit. I guess as with most things, so long as it still feels like i’m progressing then i’ve no doubt it’ll keep engaged? That’s what was missing for me from the first ones base game (despite how good the gunplay was!), the ‘reason’ to play; now i have both story (still early days) & loot i’m all aboard - credit where it’s due (after what i read has taken them the base game plus 3 expansions to get right?).

        Obviously when so many people love a thing then it’s a great thing, realise in my first post i was almost backhandedly crapping on something that other people love which wasn’t my intention - was more an exclamation of surprise at how much i’m - as usually a lover of smaller/indie titles - enjoying a AAA shooter/Destiny/mmo-esque game again, it’s been far too long!

        PS: Is there anyone better at sniper rifles than bungie? Impossible not to shoot one without a stupid cheesy grin on my face!

          Yeah, these guys know their shooters. And always have, the core game has never been the problem. I don't think there are many that compete with even the base game of a year ago in that regard which shows how experienced they are with this. That's been the case since Halo.

          It was the feeling that there wasn't enough to do with that gunplay. By all reports that's no longer the case, but it got to a lot of people last year. I found myself repeating the same 4 zones, doing the same hotspots, same patrols, and same lost zones far too often, which got old. Plus I got a new PC so could go back to PC gaming...

          But that gunplay was just so damn good that I did it a lot longer than I normally would have :)

            Extremely dull, uninteresting, repetitive game.

            And that's from someone who loves Ragnarok Online ;)

            Bungie are masters at console gunplay... but Destiny has always felt somewhat drab and hollow to me.

            I think an enormous number of Destiny players would like/prefer a Borderlands 2 style single player + coop game (with Bungie fantastic gunplay).

              I quite like D2, but I would be all over a Borderlands game made by Bungie. I'd even play it on a console. Nobody else can make console shooters feel good. Every other shooter I've played on console feels spongy and floaty by comparison.

                I'm trying to maintain my general saltiness. Otherwise I'll cave and give Activision more of my hard-earned money.

                It's an abusive relationship.

                But yeah... basically I want Diablo 2 the FPS. Co-op? Sure, sounds awesome. But instances/raids/pvp/gamecredits/lootboxes etc? Meh.

                I'm hoping Anthem is that game.

                  Genuinely interested to see how many people buy Anthem at launch given the history a lot of live service/mmo-esque games have at the start & how much they improve over their lifespan (Destiny & sequel/R6: Siege/Division to name but a few easy examples).

                  Considering as - & talking broad strokes here - we’re often so vocally cynical on comments etc. we’re also failingly optimistic when it comes to buying/backing games...?

                  It’s hard to judge now not knowing exactly what’s changed, but having enjoyed D2 as much as I have, I think i’d have been pretty disappointed with the base game having completed the campign & imagining the add-ons weren’t there (like I say, hard to know for sure) - considering the trend does anyone think Anthem can truly hit it out of the park at the first attempt? I see the Bioware logo, I think “yes”, I see the EA logo & remember Battlefront, Sim City, Battlefield, Andromeda & many others & my wallet slams shut...

                  @optimusprimal fair points. I cant see myself pre-ordering it (which can always change), and by extension I wont get it day one without good reason, but I will keep an eye on the early reports about the game and decide early on.

                  That might mean I get it week 1 if it doesn't fall over in the areas you mention. I have the same reasoning - on one hand its Bioware, on the other EA is involved. Any issues though will be reported on day 1 though, and it'll be pretty clear how lootboxy the game is. I'll be watching YouTube a lot that day I think.

                  I didn't mind Destiny 2 at launch. I thought it was actually pretty balanced, except for variety of things to do in the gameworld. Flashpoints were there, as was PvP, but they were taking you away from the gameworld, which I thought was a mistake. But it was a problem that seemed straightforward to fix - add more public events, and more quest chains. Stick a few world bosses in or something like that, and theres enough fleshing out.

                  Anthem, at least what I've seen, seems to do that better. While that's obviously from a curated demo, its still shown dynamic content, questing, etc. So I'm more hopeful there will be more to do at launch than there was with Destiny 2. But I could be wrong, hence that default position of waiting.

                  As for the stability side, that's either a problem immediately, or its not. Because I'm likely to wait at least 24 hours, I'm not really worried about it for now. EA SHOULD have that side sorted, but you just never know.

    So in a bought of insanity, bought a BNIB Wii U today. Now begins plans to hack that mofo, and then let it die in a cupboard I guess.

    Quite a few "shared from Gizmodo" articles today, which raises the still unanswered question:
    Why can't we comment on Gizmodo articles? It's been disabled for many moons now, so it's obviously a deliberate choice rather than some freak accident. I'm @ing you, @alexwalker.
    I just wanna say "oh boy, now I have more regrets about buying that special eevee/pikachu Switch" or "oh boy, now I have more reason not to visit China".

    Edit for not-making-a-new-post's sake:
    Just had an advert for G2A, that cd-key selling site. That's weird, isn't it? I thought Kotaku was rather opposed to key sellers.

    Last edited 21/09/18 8:26 pm

      Thanks. I'll ask our adops team to look into the G2A thing.

      As for the Gizmodo comments, the previous editor opted to disable comments earlier this year as a trial. They were finding they were just dealing with too much toxicity on a daily basis, where there was little genuine conversation, and on top of moderating the spam and the general time required.

      So a trial was run disabling comments to gauge the impact. The expected impact turned out to be negligible, and it freed up more time that could be used producing more local stories.

      Overall, the net result was a positive and many of the conversations about stories moved to social media (where people have already migrated to anyway) so they left it in place.

      Kotaku is obviously a different kettle of fish, and I've advocated to retain comments because the community on the site means a lot and the conversations we have (most of the time - nowhere's perfect) are great to have. But the rise of social media has changed how communites form and maintain themselves. The size of TAY is an example of that - more people read the site than when I started, but that doesn't mean more people are posting, or that the tone of regular conversation is helpful for all (which was ultimately the conclusion Giz came to).

      Anyway, that's some of the calculus. It's not my site and it's not my responsibility, and there's always the risk that I'm stepping out of line here. But I try to be open where possible, and hopefully providing some understanding will help.

        BTW just as a note: if you can save any links to weird ads you see (and forward them through to me) it helps 100000000% in tracking this stuff down.

        Well, thanks for that answer! Now I can stop asking, the mystery is solved.
        I'm surprised the lack of comments didn't really effect the views, but then I guess a tech(?) site would be harder to get a community than a gaming-themed one, so maybe it makes sense.
        Kind of surprising that Giz's comments could be toxic enough to shut them down altogether, but I guess that's the internet for you.

        Thanks again. And I'll make sure to keep an eye out for the notable ads.

          Publisher metrics are also different from what a lot of people understand. It's common to report on the size of an audience, but that's largely based off unique browsers -- which means people coming back to an article multiple times only counts as the one person. Pageviews are a different matter, but if you're talking the same block of 50 or 100 accounts that might comment on a frequent basis, that's nothing compared to the hordes that come in from Google at any given second.

          As I posted below, it is safe to say while I didn't provide any toxins, I still did my share of antagonism.

          The lesson for me was I should have let those who didn't want to hear otherwise be as they had no intention of hearing otherwise.

          At the same time, the insults and even abuse at times towards me was not warranted.

          I've been accused of being a shill to having autism to even having a crush on Francis Abbott. The Autism one is the most offending I ever seen or received as it really shows that some are so desperate to not hear anything other than their own option they have to water down psychologic assessments in an attempt to make another person look bad.

          While I am sad to see comments on Gizmodo gone, I at same time can see the reason. Even if I myself didn't say anything if there was a even a hint of a political link the comments became dumpster fire very quickly (one guess as to who carried the most petroleum that wasn't me).

        So a trial was run disabling comments to gauge the impact. The expected impact turned out to be negligible, and it freed up more time that could be used producing more local stories.

        That's surprising to me, because since comments were disabled, I've simply stopped visiting Gizmodo altogether. I wonder if anyone else is in the same boat.

          I read it a lot less, but still scan through once or twice a day to see if theres anything that catches my eye. Then hope it gets reposted on Kotaku so I can comment. I get why they tested the run of no comments, but there are plenty of articles there that don't get reposted and deserve discussion.

          I think theres no point posting opinion pieces if you aren't getting feedback from your audience on them for example. That doesn't mean every article needs comments, but theres usually one or two a day I feel would benefit.

        As for the Gizmodo comments, the previous editor opted to disable comments earlier this year as a trial. They were finding they were just dealing with too much toxicity on a daily basis, where there was little genuine conversation, and on top of moderating the spam and the general time required.

        I'm not going to lie, anyone with at least one functioning eye can see I had a hand in that.

        While I didn't actually provide any toxicity of my own and I was still a very, tiny, microscopic hand, the fact I kept responding to an select few who didn't want to hear an alternate angle (even though it was true) and they went ballistic not just at me but also other users.

        The best way to put it, some users were just open gas vents and I had a habit of just throwing matches their way.

          bahaha wise hacker and his alternative facts lol so edgy. hows your belief in the liberal party and the ipa not interfering in the ABC going then huh. I tell you they really did axe good game and then shift it to channel seven to then axe it a year later to dilute and breakup the ABC brand.

    Just looking at all the news articles today...

    - Destiny
    - Hearthstone
    - Overwatch

    All have been covered hundreds of times before. It really could be any Saturday within the past 3 years.

    I've slowly grown to truly resent games as a service. Since completely cutting them out, I'm honestly having more fun than ever playing all the single player games that I'd missed over the years.

    Stephen was right about some real gems being overshadowed (ie the new Tomb Raider).

    So I tried Dark souls remastered on switch last night.
    It made me unwell. Similar to what happened when I played it originally.
    I tried hand held mode, hoping that would help, but it was worse.
    I can play bloodborne no issues, but dark and demon souls give me sim sickness D=

      How was the fps?

        It seemed okay, but my guess is it's jittering a bit as that can make me ill

          Could be. Maybe a patch will come with some fixes

            Unless it's remade on the bloodborne engine, I'll probably never get to play it

              That sux. I never really played the dark souls games but the idea of having it portable on the switch was swaying me to give it a go. Maybe I’ll pick up bloodborne instead.

                From my understanding, Bloodborne is more approachable. People who don't like Dark Souls may still like Bloodborne.

                  Sounds good. Thanks for the feedback. It was always what seemed like endless rolling to avoid attacks that seemed repetitive to me.

                All good. Bloodborne is less precision. Speaking to people who've played both, Dark souls rewards being cautious, whereas bloodborne likes you to be a bit more adventurous.

                  Yeah sounds good. Did you play Nioh? I thought that was good. Not as good as some og ninja gaiden but still fun.

        I haven't played Nioh, but I own it. I own a lot of games I haven't played >_>

          Nioh was good fun

            I hope to eventually get to it when I have my past console set up happening

              I totally recommend playing ninja gaiden over it though

                Original, xbox or Xbox 360 one?

                  Ninja Gaiden Black on original xbox. It is on xbox backwards compatibility as well. You can pick it up with game pass.

            I've played them all but the 360 one.

              Oh nice. Still one of my favourites to this day. Love the combos!

                I beat Alma, second hardest boss in the game. Got stuck on the tank, considered the second easiest boss

                  The tank was still a bitch to beat either way. Even now some bosses or parts of games that are supposed to be the easier ones I can still get stuck on. Thank god for youtube! I remember the game kind of consumed me back in the day as I went for full completion with all the scarabs and such. I don't think I have fully completed a game since.

    Just found an interesting opinion piece on semi autonomous cars and driver distraction.

    Ok, real quick. I've been running an old i7 for 7 years. Tried to upgrade twice and both times ran into the perfect storm of DOA gear. Sucks when this involves a mobo because you have to pull everything out and it takes weeks to get the gear back.

    So twice now I've tried to upgrade, had just the worst time and went back to my trusty i7. I had a sandy bridge 3820, but a few years ago bought a 2nd hand 4960x, which is the fastest my venerable mobo could handle. And that was sweet. So many cores!

    Anyway 3 weeks ago my trusty 7 year old mobo died. I turned it on and it only detected 2 hard drives. I opened it up, started moving cables around, the sata controller has carked it.

    So I bought a shiny new i5 8600k, a MSI Z370 Pro Carbon mobo and 16g of DDR4.

    I also got a new CPU cooler. I was spending so much anyway, and I've ALWAYS liked the double fan design. So I got the Noctua NH-D15. It's really cool!

    Cos a decent rig is just something I need in my life. It cost about a grand but I'll probably get about $300 back after I sell my old parts, so that helps take some of the sting off.

    The lady at umart told me to enjoy my new parts. Me, expecting the worst said "Yeah. IF they work". I knew I was being negative but I was really not looking forward to putting them together after my previous experiences.

    I went home and just took my time with it. Made sure all cables had a little slack, didn't tighten anything too much, cleaned all the fans while I was in there.

    My 4year old sat in the office with me the whole time. She was no help but I let her spray compressed air around. Tt was kinda cool. It's fun putting them together. Kinda like lego for adults.

    So I finished and didn't even think about it. I said "here goes nothing baby" and turned it on.

    Booted first time! I hadn't even made a mistake with the mobo headers! I still can't believe it. And this rig hasn't put a foot wrong since. It's so quiet, I can't even tell its on sometimes.

    I'm so happy. I was really due a win and this felt really good.

      Wow, are you me?? I literally just replaced my mobo and CPU with an i5 8600k, 16GB DDR4, new cooler with twin fans (same reasoning), and had my 4 year old hanging out with me while I did the build.

      Mine didn't POST the first time though, loose SATA connection. Got it running but managed to shatter the tempered glass side door when re-fitting, having dropped it about 1cm onto a tiled floor :( I've gone cap in hand to NZXT to see if I can get a replacement panel. Fingers crossed!

      Did you run into any problems re-activating Windows?

        Oh god, that SUCKS man. So sorry to hear about your door!

        It didn't reactivate for me but I work for a university so thankfully, an education copy of windows is only $30. I probably could've tried a LOT harder to get it working but I figured with new guts, they're going to see it as a new PC. Plus I was already spending money anyhow.

        Good luck with NZXT.

      So I got the Noctua NH-D15. It's really cool!

      An excellent cooler. I have this on my 7700k, cools extremely well with essentially zero fan noise under most loads (ie. pretty much everything except benchmarking). I added a couple of those Corsair maglev fans in the front of my case also (it's a Fractal Design XL R2, a bit old school but well insulated against sound while still having beefy airflow), the whole system runs exceptionally cool and quiet, even with a 1080 Ti in there also.

    Finally pulled the trigger on a gaming laptop.
    Attempting to replace my aging desktop and MBA combination I currently have. Both are from 2011.
    After much searching, hand wringing and indecision I decided to go with a metabox.
    Metabox Prime-S P950ER
    15.6" FHD 1920 x 1080 WVA Matte 120Hz LED
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 VRAM with Max-Q
    Intel Core i7-8750H
    16GB DDR4 2666MHZ
    Samsung 970 EVO 500GB PCIe M.2 SSD
    1TB 7200RPM Slim line HDD
    Killer 1550 AC Low Latency WIFI/BT (up to 1.73 Gbps)
    External USB Super Slim 9.5mm DVD-RW Optical Drive

    Looking forward to putting it through it's paces when it finally arrives!
    And then trying to find the time to actually game on it.

      Nice toy :)

      I got a Dell Inspiron last December, broadly the same as those specs. The equiv of this years Dell G7 I think it was. One generation lower GPU, half the size for the SSD. I had a external optical already.

      Its played everything I've thrown at it, and I don't recall seeing any lag when I've ramped things up. Not that I've thrown the latest equivalent of Crysis at it - what would that be anyhow?

    Coming to the end of Spiderman, find it’s been a real mixed bag throughout from early repeated frustration owing to a poor tutorial/weird learning curve/my own inadequacies, to finding that so many of the additional activities are tedious/loathsome/boring and then to counter, a great big dollop of spidey fan-service smeared over a really enjoyable story (not listing any specifics for spoilers etc)...

    I guess overall I’ve enjoyed but not loved it; it feels like a world with amazing potential for sequels & a great start/reboot for spidey games, but - and find it weird as I would always normally pick spidey before the bat - I find the arkham series still (despite some issues with Knight) blows it out of the water, especially asylum which despite being ten years old more than holds it’s own against this.

    Interested in what everyone else thinks? Is this a victim of overhype? Am I being too harsh? Are we all being too lenient because of how bad previous spidey games have been? etc.

    Just a comment for whoever deals with the ads serves: I'm turning on adblock forever as of today. I usually keep ads on because I understand that you need them for revenue, but the ad serves from Taboola and pixel.moatads are making the sit unusable. Clicking on any story brings up literally dozens of ads that make the entire browser become unresponsive for upwards of a minute. The screen flashes 6 or seven times and reloads entirely during that minute.
    I actually tried to count how many non-koataku ads were on the page, but when I got to 22, the page started flashing so it could load new autoplay videos smooshed into the middle of the article content. This time it only made the browser unresponsive for about 20 seconds, but the little info bar at the bottom of my browser has been freaking out about chartbeat, tabools, and tremorhub ever since.
    There are dodgy pornsites with less aggressive ad serving.

      With adblock turned on, I still get nine ads. Nine. So I guess I'll stop feeling bad about the adblock.


        Seems to be some issues with the advertising on the site. Number 35, I think it was, pointed it out on twitter.

          I've sent some emails today to the right people to see what can be done. It's not my department and I'm not in control of it, but I'll do what I can to make sure the UX is as good as it can be.

        Just a note that adblock isn't designed to block ALL ads, at least by default. It's designed to block the intrusive type of ads, the huge full-screen, popup ads, autoplay video ads etc that typically cause a poor experience. It allows the non-intrusive type through as this is the ad type that they are trying to encourage sites to adopt as standard. You can of course choose to not allow these acceptable ads either, and therefore block all ads if you want, but it's not the default setting.

        Personally, for me, if I visit a site and it pops up one of those "please turn off adblock" boxes, and there's no option to close it without turning off adblock, I leave the site. If they can't be bothered to make their ads less intrusive then they don't deserve my page views.

          I'm totally happy to have ads on a site I visit, but obnoxious is obnoxious. I do the same thing when there's no option to see the site without it.

          I don't know anyone who actually disables their adblocker when prompted. That shit just drives people away from your site - it makes the revenue problem worse, not better.

          Side note, Nano Defender works reasonably well at detecting adblock detectors, and it integrates nicely with uBlock Origin. That's been my blocking combo for a while now since Adblock started getting untrustworthy.

      It can be a bit ridiculous on mobile, too - loaded up today's Harry Potter article and counted 21-25 ads between the end of the article and the comments section. I understand advertising is necessary, but eight screens' worth of ads before the comments section is a bit much.

      I am typically only coming to Kotaku once a week instead of daily because of the ad insanity.

    On the subject of ads, phone browsing Kotaku can be really annoying. Try to get to the comments, then ads load and disappear and my position on the screen is jumping all over the place.

    Since we can't comment on Gizmodo articles, but a recent sponsored article from Gizmodo has reminded me: anyone hype for that new Sabrina series? Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been one of my favourite comics in the last few years (though sadly, it's output has dried up pretty badly), and the new series of the same name is also penned by the same writer!
    It has the potential to be awesome IMO.

    It would be good for the Gizmodo articles that get shared onto Kotaku we could have comments turned on.

    I have a pair of 1080Ti cards in the PC, is there anything on the XB1X worth playing that isn't on Windows?

    The XB1X has a deal at the moment with Forza 4, Forza 7 and NBA19K for $569, which seems cheap, but I gave up on the XB1 a while back. Been wondering if it is worth diving back in?

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