The Best Bargains From GOG's School Sale [Update: Final Day]

Everyone loves a good bargain.

A whole bunch are available over at GOG right now, with chunky discounts on games ranging from Battletech, Grim Dawn, oldschool Disney platformers, the latest Homeworld RTS, and the Legacy of Kain games.

Update #2: The sale runs for one more day, so I've bumped this as a reminder for anyone who's missed out. It's been updated with more titles that weren't included before.

All prices below are in Australian dollars. There's also fresh flash sales every hour, although they don't hang around for long.

Here's some of the better bargains available; you can click through to the listing for each game below.

Some fun classics in there, particularly Daikatana for bugger all and Grim Dawn for a tenner. Good Diablo basher, if you're into something a bit darker, and the price on Tyranny is pretty good if you're after a cRPG that doesn't need 80+ hours of playtime.

For more deals, and to check out the flash sales, head to GOG.


    I'm half tempted to pick up Diakatana out of curiosity, but I know it'll sit there, unplayed for ages, if I do

    GOG sales are the worst.. I've spent $80 already in the past few days :(

      Tell me about it. I decided that a tenner was too good a price for Everspace, and ended up spending closer to $30 just by adding the two addons. And that was just one purchase. Still, $28ish is a good price for the lot. Will give it a solid go over the weekend and see how good it is.

      Lucky I didn't have more on the card I use for online stuff, or I would have spent a lot more.

      hit submit too fast. GoG sales seem to be doing now what the Steam sales were doing 8 years ago. Justifying spending far too much on a whim.

    I need to stop checking gog. My wallet can't take much more abuse.

    Privateer 2 is on sale for anyone who wants to see Clive Owen's first international role...

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