The Best Spider-Man Costumes That Weren’t In The New Game

The Best Spider-Man Costumes That Weren’t In The New Game

Insomniac: if you need ideas for the sequel, I’ve got a few.

The recent Spider-Man game had a lot of things going for it, but one of the best was its alternate costumes. Commemorating Spidey’s penchant for inventing new costumes, and/or just finding them lying around on alien planets, the unlockable Spidey wear was a really welcome and well-executed bit of fan service.

Unfortunately, a few costumes were missing. Here are the best Spider-Man costumes that didn’t make the cut, according to me, a Spider-Man fan with questionable taste.

Note that I didn’t include the costumes of some other prominent Spider-people, even though we all know Miles Morales’s Spider-Man costume is incredible and I need a Spider-Gwen spinoff, like, yesterday. I get why those aren’t in the game, and here’s hoping Miles suits up in the sequel. Cool? Cool. Let’s get to it.

The Black Suit

ImageDefinitely not an alien menace or anything. (Illustration: Secret Wars, art by Mike Zeck and John Beatty.)

Yeah, sure, this will probably show up in DLC or a sequel, but its absence was still jarring. Artisanally sourced on an alien planet during the Secret Wars crossover, it’s the quintessential alternate Spider-Man suit, the standard against which all others are judged. And it’s sleek.

Superior Spider-Man

ImageSpecifically, about how I’m Doctor Octopus. (Illustration: Spider-Man/Deadpool, art by Ed McGuinness)

Doctor Octopus! Spider-Man! Two great tastes that taste great together. This costume bears a resemblance to some other major Spidey costumes, one from lower on our list in particular, but it has verve. And those arms are so functional!

Cosmic Spider-Man

ImageYep, Captain Universe! (Illustration: Amazing Spider-Man, art by Erik Larsen)

AKA “Captain Universe” Spider-Man. Once upon a time, Spider-Man temporarily merged with the cosmic power and persona of Captain Universe, getting a new look in the process.

Now, this is a very silly costume. That’s why it’s great. It’s super ridiculous. I want it in 4K.

Future Foundation Spider-Man

ImageIt just works. (Illustration: Amazing Spider-Man, art by Mike McKone and Stefano Caselli)

Unironically, this costume is amazing. When Peter temporarily joined the Fantastic Four’s superhero organisation, he got this elegant white-and-black number.

This look is just distinct enough from his regular costumes to stand out, while still being recognisably Spider-Man. A class act, all around.

The Spider

ImageA nice guy, I swear. (Illustration: Exiles Vol 1, art by Mike McKone)

An obscure pick, but I love it; in the old Exiles books, we meet an alternate Peter Parker who merged with the Carnage symbiote, becoming “The Spider”, a ‘90s-edgy version of Spider-Man with just as much wrath as snark.

Not a great character, admittedly, but the mixture of the Carnage-red styling with minimal Spidey details? 10/10, honey, you’re owning it.

Ben Reilly Spider-Man

ImageHe has them ‘90s super-thighs. (Illustration: Amazing Spider-Man, art by Mark Bagley)

Say what you want about the Clone Saga, but Ben had some great fashion sense. (His current iteration, not so much.)

This suit rejiggers the classic Spider-Man costume elements in a way that just totally works for me. And I’ll honestly never get tired of the outside-the-costume web shooters. They add character.

The Bombastic Bag-Man

ImageLeast you could’ve done is drop him off at his apartment. (Illustration: Amazing Spider-Man, art by Ron Frenz)

Once upon a time, poor ol’ Peter Parker was naked. After ditching the symbiote with the help of Reed Richards, he needed a way to get home without his secret identity being discovered.

And so is born the Bombastic Bag-Man, the great Spider-Man offshoot hero of them all. See how his bag flaps majestically in the wind! The fact that this wasn’t included is criminal.

Temp Spidey Suit

ImageYes, yes it is. (Illustration: Ultimate Spider-Man, art by Mark Bagley)

Sometimes, you have to improvise. And sometimes, you improvise badly. During a minor arc in Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter had to journey out with a half-finished costume, and spent multiple issues wearing this.

Look at his li’l socks! Put this in your game, Insomniac, and I’ll never wear anything else.


    • It has one of the best powers for when combat becomes easy and repetitive.

      But I have to go with the blurb on the first pic, the Scarlet Spider costume is incredible, I can’t get over the level of detail and it’s been hard for me to shake for long.

      • Yeah the detail in the suits is crazy when you zoom in. I haven’t got the Scarlet Spider suit yet though!

  • Besides the black suit (Which yes, is definitely gonna be a DLC), none of those are iconic enough to be included.

  • Based on the stinger at the end of the game it’s likely they’re waiting to include the black suit as part of the story in 2.

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