‘The Burning Lands’ Is EverQuest’s 25th Expansion. Yes, People Still Play EverQuest

‘The Burning Lands’ Is EverQuest’s 25th Expansion. Yes, People Still Play EverQuest
Image: Daybreak Game Company

When it comes to long-running, massively-multiplayer games, the conversation usually starts and stops with World of Warcraft. Which is fair enough, given its sustained success over 14 years. But there’s another, older game that’s been forgotten in recent times: EverQuest. Almost two decades on, the game is getting its 25th expansion, called The Burning Lands.

It’s kind of amazing that EverQuest (and its sequel) are still kicking around, along with the likes of RuneScape and Ultima Online. Not only that, they’re still actively worked on and getting new content.

In EverQuest‘s case, it’s survived a few changes of developer, significant layoffs and even outlived one of its successors.

As for The Burning Lands, the plan is to “[leave] Kunark behind”, in exchange for “the Planes”, according to Daybreak Game Company’s Lauren McLemore, Producer on both EQ and EQ2:

The expansion name might give you some clues, but let’s just say that air and fire will play a big role in your upcoming adventures. I don’t want to give away too much yet, but only the most daring will be able to successfully navigate the upcoming conflict!

My question is, will EverQuest still be around in ten years? I honestly can’t answer with any confidence.

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