The Games That Drew Big Crowds At The Tokyo Game Show

A sea of people (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)

Today was the first public day of the Tokyo Game Show. The crowds were massive, and the lines were long. Let's look at which games were drawing the biggest crowds.

It's always hard to get around the show floor on the public day. Between noon and 12:30, which are peak show hours, I tried to hit as many booths as possible to see how the lines were fairing.

Walking from hallway to hallway is difficult and exhausting, so I might have missed something!

Here's a view of one of the main halls. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
Here's the wait time at the Sony booth. By noon, Sekiro and Kingdom Hearts III weren't allowing anyone else in line, because the wait was so long. The little yellow tags say the lines for those games are currently closed. One Piece World Seeker's wait was 80 minutes, Fortnite was 30 minutes, Devil May Cry 5 was 100 minutes and Dead or Alive 6 was 15 minutes. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
Lots of interest in Project Judge. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
A 140 minute wait for Final Fantasy XIV Online. (Note: you get an original sticker if you play the demo.) (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
When I took this photo the wait for Dragon Quest Builders 2 on the PS4 was 130 minutes, while it was 120 minutes on the Switch. However, a moment later, the staff changed the wait to 140 minutes for each of them. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
The wait says 80 minutes. Granted, there were only PCs running Fortnite and each demo lasted around 20 minutes. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
The wait for the new Inazuma Eleven game was only ten minutes. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
The first Level-5 Tokyo Game Show booth in several years. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
Of course there was lots of interest in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Here are people lined up to get on a waiting list. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
A huge crowd gathered around the zombies at the Capcom booth. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
The lines for Musou Orochi 3 (Warriors Orochi 4) (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
A thirty minute wait to take a photo in PUBG gear. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
Mega Man 11 is popular. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
The wait for Ninjala was 105 minutes. Those who participated in the demo, I believe, could get prizes. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
A thirty minute wait for Yokai Watch 4. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)
A 120 minute wait for Jump Force. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku)


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