The PS Vita Is Really Dead In Japan, No Successor Currently Planned

The PS Vita Is Really Dead In Japan, No Successor Currently Planned

Starting next year, PS Vita shipments will stop in Japan, reports Mantan Web. Sony Interactive Entertainment exec Hiroyuki Oda added, “Right now, I’d like you to consider that there is no PS Vita successor hardware.”

According to Oda, “As for a portable game machine, there is no plans for anything after the PS Vita.” He was quoted as saying that PS Vita shipments will end next year in Japan and that the dwindling hardware releases made it difficult for the Vita to continue.

Released in Japan in 2011, the PS Vita was Sony’s successor to the PlayStation Portable. The Vita found its greatest success at home. But those days, it seems, are drawing to a close in Japan.


  • Shame, I loved my Vita and had Sony put more effort into it, it would have done pretty well. They just marketed it bad (as in showed it as one thing, gave us another thing) and did some stupid decisions ( those memory cards were a joke). Seemed to have done well in Japan, but outside, it was kinda the joke handheld.

    But there is really no use making a successor with the Switch in the market. They could, but I think they have thrown in the towel.

  • Makes you wonder if no successor means they may be developing a portable component to the PS5, like the Switch?
    With advances in mobile phone technology, its feasible we’ll be streaming games to phones in the next few years, making most high-end portable gaming devices obsolete. All you’d need to do is connect a bluetooth controller with a phone adapter… Sony already have an adapter for the PS4 Dualshock controller and Xperia phones for direct play… I have one and use it a bit lol..

  • I was fairly late to the Vita party, and when I finally joined I had a tonne of free games ready to go thanks to PS+. I only ever bought 2 games for it due to PS+ having games every month. I often wondered if that didn’t factor into its demise, I still have games for it I haven’t had a chance to start yet.

    • It’s a double edged sword, I think. On the one hand, PS+ probably cost a lot of software sales. But on the other, it’s probably the only reason I bought a Vita in the first place. I don’t really have much use for a handheld gaming system except when I’m travelling, which isn’t all that often. But I got to the point where I had so many PS+ games for it that it didn’t seem to make sense to NOT have the device to play them on. I did buy some games, too, so those were software and hardware sales that they never would have got without PS+. I certainly don’t regret the purchase, it’s a great little device. But I’m not particularly distraught that they’re not making a successor.

  • It was a great system for niche Japanese games, Visual Novels etc (I know they’ve been ported to ps4 now but the vita gave us Zero Time DIlema and the good version of VLR) not to mention gems like p4g, steins gate/S;G 0 and all the Danganronpa greatness. I just hope that the switch can fill the void. I have a feeling some of the more disturbing games won’t make it to preserve the Nintendo image and we’ve yet to see any VNs afaik.

  • Whats the modding like on the Vita? I still have my PSP and it was a great hombrew platform. Is the vita better or worse?

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