This 'Self-Hacking' Game Teaches You How To Hack Games

Most developers do what they can to stop their games from being hacked. So to hear about one that not only encourages it, but provides the necessary tools inside the game, is eyebrow-raising material. Called Squally, you'll have to disassemble code and alter values as you play if you want to progress.

Created by Squalr Inc., already known for "Squalr", its memory-editing software written in C#, Squally is pitched as a "2D action/puzzle platformer" that "teaches video game hacking — WITHOUT boring lessons, lectures, or the need for prior experience".

The idea is that, by using puzzles and other challenges, players are "gradually introduced" to hacking concepts. In order to deliver an authentic experience, complete with dissembled code and raw data types, Squalr Inc. wrote the game in C++, rather than C#.

Image: Squalr Inc.

Squally also features a Gwent-esque card game called "Hexxus" to teach players hex and binary, because as well all know, base 10 is for noobs.

Image: Squalr Inc.

If it sounds like your bag, there's a great Medium article by the developers that explains how the game works. Alternatively, if you just want to play the thing, it's coming to Steam "soon".

Squally [Official site]


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