This Week In Games: The Flood Begins

This Week In Games: The Flood Begins

Hello. Were you ready for the flood of video games to begin?

No? Well, that’s a shame. Because this week is chockers.

There’s an awful lot to get through this week, whether you’re a fan of sports, JRPGs, action RPGs, even “ultra-hardcore action RPGs” according to one game. Let’s blast through it.

  • Destiny 2: Forsaken (PC, PS4, XBO)
  • Spider-Man (PS4)
  • Immortal: Unchained (PC, PS4, XBO)
  • Dragon Quest XI (PC, PS4)
  • NBA 2K19 (PS4, XBO, Switch)
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (XBO, Retail)
  • V-Rally 4 (PS4, XBO)
  • Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner MARS (PS4)
  • God Wars: The Complete Legend (Switch)
  • Total War Rome 2: Caesar Edition (PC, Retail)
  • SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy (Switch)
  • Yo-Kai Watch Blasters Red Cat Corps/White Dog Squad (3DS)
  • Planet Alpha (PC, Switch)
  • Clash of Carrots Ninjin (Switch)
  • Claws of Furry (PC, Switch)
  • Hyper Light Drifter (Switch)
  • Lifeless Planet (Switch)
  • Broforce (Switch)
  • Shikhondo: Soul Eater (Switch)
  • Mummy Pinball (Switch)
  • Boundless (PS4)
  • NASCAR Heat 3 (PC)
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail (Switch)
  • Super Inefficient Golf (Switch)


Ooft. Plenty of big names that everyone is familiar with, so I’ll run through the videos quickly today. Couple you might have missed – Super Inefficient Golf and Immortal Unchained, which I’ve got some videos of below as well.

Definitely lots to look at this week. What’s on your list?


  • As someone who has played since the Destiny Alpha, I’m strangely unexcited for Forsaken. Looks like they’re making good changes for the hardcore, but I actually liked that I could stay current as a mainly solo player in Vanilla Destiny 2. Plus I can’t justify spending another $100 on Forsaken so soon after paying for the full price game and season pass already…

    • I just downloaded Destiny 2 Foresaken for free via my PS Plus membership.

      Game looks pretty nice so long as you aren’t moving much. I’m on the PS4Pro and I’m dropping frames all over the place.

      • I’m pretty sure the PS+ version of the game is just the base version, it does not include Forsaken or any of the other DLC, you still get access to the seasonal content but you’ll hit a point where they are going to ask for money if you want to continue, just giving you a heads up.

        • Yep from my understanding it’s just the base game. So to get up to speed you’d need to buy the 1st season pass, plus Forsaken, plus the “annual pass.”

          • edit I think you meant the Forsaken annual pass.

            while technically true you don’t need it, if you’re going to commit to Destiny 2 then you will eventually need it because it a) cuts you off from content b) will acct as a pre req for for new expansion(s)

          • Yes. The Annual Pass and Season Pass are two separate things. Year One: D2 , DLC1 and 2 (called season pass) is needed for Forsaken. Year Two: Forsaken and Annual Pass.

            They should have just called Annual Pass, the ‘Year Two season Pass’, it would have been less confusing. Sure if we get a second major expansion for the beginning of year three, then maybe the annual pass might be compulsory then. But for now and the next year you dont need the annual pass.

          • genuinely curious, are you not annoyed that you’re going to be cut out of content?

            I guess if you have no guild members playing you’re always in a better position to walk away but if you’re the odd one out in the group you’re effectively screwed

    • its not a $100. Thats including the pass. Its just $60.

      Im the complete opposite, sure it had a rough trot to get here and sure the devs shouldnt have made some of their choices but D2 has been just as brilliant as D1 (in different ways) for months now.

  • So pumped for Spiderman. Been looking forward to playing it since the first trailer. Now if only I didn’t have to wait a week till I get paid

  • Destiny is just one of those things that doesn’t exist in my world. At all. Even with it being “free” on PSN this month – I’m just so turned of by games that are effectively a subscription service. Destiny might not even be that, but it stinks so much of it that i haven’t bothered to look into it.

    • it is not even remotely like a subscription service. To play old school MMO’s you need to buy a full priced game up front $100, then every year they have a DLC maybe $50-60, then a monthly $15. So over two years $200 for base game and two large DLC, PLUS $375 for the sub. So $575 to play a subscription game for two years.

      D2: all up by the end of year two. $100 base game, $80 for two season passes, $60 for large scale DLC. And that is it… $240!!!!!!!! Yes Destiny is somewhat more expensive than some other games, but that is still cheaper than buying a full CoD yearly.

      Maybe try something first before judging it for what you think it is.

        • but you werent complaining “it wasnt for you” based on the what it is, you were complaining that you THINK it is a like a subscription game, even though it is nothing like a subscription. I was merely pointing thinking something is true, doesnt mean it is actually true.

          Though technically speaking Destiny is as addictive as hard drugs some days, if you are a fan. But you dont need to sell body parts to afford it, like you seem to think.

          • Hahah yeah man, thanks for the info – it was useful. I guess my point was that, with me at least, Destiny has a perception issue. Every time I read a post on Reddit PS4 it’s mostly filled with people complaining about what a greedy company Bungie has become. All of the collective talk has lead me to a position where I don’t even want the game for free, which isn’t great.

  • I’m ready for forsaken and spiderman to mess my life up. The gambit preview was insanely fun and looks to finally turn Destiny around

  • I have played Destiny since day one but I am not biting for Forsaken. I don’t feel the love anymore. Sorry Kotaku AU Destiny 2 clan…

    May go for RDR3 and Fallout 76 for my big games of choice this Spring.

  • I was kind of interested in Spider-Man but the E3 showing was terrible and nothing since has convinced me it’s not going to be a frustrating on-rails fail-the-cutscene-repeatedly-until-you-learn-where-what-we-expect-you-to-do experience that is at best a prettier version of the old Activision ones.

    The announcement that they’ve pulled content out to trickle out over the next few months as a “season pass” pretty much killed the interest I have left. Why buy it at launch if it won’t be complete until some time in 2019, when it will also be cheaper?

    • When you say this: “frustrating on-rails fail-the-cutscene-repeatedly-until-you-learn-where-what-we-expect-you-to-do experience”.
      Do u mean the quick time events? I just say this because since the 2017 showing there have been barely any scenes with QTE’s and Insomniac has stated that QTE’s will only be used when necessary (in cinematic cutscenes).
      Also I thought the E3 showing was pretty good and considering there was a lot of praise for the gameplay shown this year I don’t really understand how it’s terrible. But hey that’s just you.
      In regards to the paid content coming out. This is strictly just DLC involving some missions that aren’t really related to the main story and thus the game is fully complete. They haven’t held back any missions relating to the main story. Considering that the base game is 20 hours long (roughly) i feel like it’s justified to release paid DLC as the base game is pretty meaty. Also the DLC will be fully released by December and not next year.

      • We obviously watched a different E3 showing, because the vast majority of it was what looked like a sequence of on-rails cutscenes.

        I rarely ever play games more than once so knowing that I’m missing content in a single player game drives me nuts. Even if the game somehow turns out to be decent, I’m not going to touch it without that DLC being all available.

        • Yeah I think maybe you watched the 2017 E3 demo they showed last year. I assume they have dialed it down after some community feed back of it. Try watching the showfloor demo they released this year and see if it reinvigorates your interest in the game.

          Also you can get the game with the DLC included for $20 more then the base game which I don’t consider a lot.
          I really hope might have changed your mind or sparked a little interest as for some reason I hate watching people possibly miss out on a great game.

          • The issue I have with the DLC is the delay, not the cost. If the content isn’t in the game when I play it then I’m getting an inferior product to what I would get if I waited. So I’m waiting. There’s other games coming and in my backlog that I’m a bit more excited to play.

            And no. I was talking about the 2018 E3 demo at Sony’s press conference. Chasing Green Goblin up the side of a falling building or something. It was a horrible looking scripted QTE sequence that absolutely turned me off. They obviously picked it for the spectacle, but I’ve played enough games to know that that was going to be either a frustrating trial-and-error sequence where you fuck up and start over repeatedly, breaking your immersion, or it’s going to be so inconsequential that it should just have been a cutscene.

            Nothing’s going to change my mind on it at this point, I think. I’ll still pick it up at some point, I’m just not desperate for it and nothing I’ve seen or heard since it came out has shaken that.

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