Twitch Streamer Dr. Disrespect Abruptly Ends Stream, Saying His House Was Shot At

While streaming on Twitch today, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm suddenly got up and walked off camera for a minute. When he returned, he told viewers he was ending his stream for the day because someone had just shot at his house.

The popular streamer, known for playing (and sometimes over-playing) the character of a hyper-competitive, semi-toxic gamer, returned sans his trademark wig and sunglasses. He appeared shaken.

“I gotta end the broadcast right now,” he said. “Somebody shot at our house, broke the fucking upstairs window. This is the second shot. Someone shot yesterday. Someone shot yesterday at our fucking house, and someone shot again right now. It connected with the house upstairs, right? You’re driving by, right? You pussy! I gotta stop the stream.”

He ended the stream immediately afterward.

Kotaku reached out to police in Beahm’s district, who confirmed that they have a deputy on the scene and are investigating. No medics were needed, they said. Kotaku also reached out to Beahm, but as of publishing, he hadn’t replied.

As of now, there’s a message on his Twitch page that reads, “Doc and Family Are Safe. Proper Measures are be [sic] taken while stream is down for the day.”


    Even if you don't like the guy, that is insane and the person responsible should see serious punishment.

      Agreed. If somebody deliberately shoots in the general direction of another human being, they should be done for attempted murder.

      I'm not really a fan of Doc but it seems somebody knows where he lives considering it's the second time in as many days that this happened. I assumed that he would be a gun guy, so they could very well be barking up the wrong tree if he's waiting next time.

    Next on Gamers Are Trash: shooting at people's houses from moving vehicles because they make videos sometimes.

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