Two Missions From Ace Combat 7

Two Missions From Ace Combat 7

If you’ve been wondering how Ace Combat 7 is coming along, here’s two missions from Bandai’s upcoming flight sim.

I say flight sim in the most arcadey-sense of the word, since Ace Combat 7 isn’t Falcon 5.0 or anything like that. Still, a bunch of media were given some hands-on time with Ace Combat 7 in Bandai’s UK offices recently, and so there’s some fresh direct capture on the internet for everyone to enjoy.

The first mission of the two below is a strafing run followed by a drone dogfight. The second shows off more of AC7‘s environmental effects, with pilots flying through thick fog, rain and tight ravines.

Ace Combat 7 launches January 18 next year for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release the month after. The game will support PSVR as well, although the main campaign won’t be playable in PSVR. There will be a separate mode with roughly several hours of content, according to Bandai in previous reporting.


  • Noice! Let me guess … there’s a mission later on where you have to stop a launching spacecraft from being shot down …

    Ah I don’t care. Gimme, gimme now!

  • Looking forward to this. I’m so glad they are giving it a PC port as Digital Foundry’s early analysis on frame rate on the PS4 left much to be desired (a lot of dipping all the way down to 40’s and 30’s). Even though that was about a year ago, I doubt much would have changed on that front as the project director said that enhanced visuals were more important than frame rate (noting that it was unlike Tekken 7 that required 60 FPS and anything less for that game would be unacceptable). I hope this game really captures the spirit of those found on the PS2 (which are easily the best of the series). But really, at this point, it’s impossible for it to be any worse than Assault Horizon … we can only hope that it’s as good as the classics.

  • So it’s Starfox with better graphics? That’s a real shame. I was hoping for something a little more realistic. Not crazy realistic simulation, but maybe not infinite missiles and ridiculous g-forces. Forza got a decent realism/arcade balance right. I hope I don’t throw up straight away with VR like I did with GT

  • The big draw for the PS4 release IMO is going to be the PSVR support. Otherwise, PC seems the better buy assuming they don’t pull a AAA Publisher and infect it with Denuvo or something.

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