Two Point Hospital, As Told By Steam Reviews

Two Point Hospital, As Told By Steam Reviews

Sometimes, all you want to do is give peeps a dose of medicine.

The nostalgia train has been going all-out with the release of Two Point Hospital last week. For all intents and purposes, it’s a modern Theme Hospital, but with a look and style of gameplay that closely mirrors the Bullfrog original.

And, despite some bugs and quirks, fans have appreciated the direction. The game has an 81% user rating from just over 2200 reviews at the time of writing, with the majority of reviews noting “this is a new Theme Hospital” or some variation thereof.

Positive reviews praised the authenticity of Two-Point Hospital‘s theme, the absurdity of diseases, added customisations, objectives system, humour and more basic options (like alternate room designs other than square/rectangular shapes).

Critics noted that the game is missing some features with the management system, quirks with NPC pathfinding, difficulty in managing larger hospitals due to issues around AI priorities, a bug that corrupts save files, inability to copy/paste room templates, performance issues with larger hospitals, and issues with patients not eating or drinking.

Here’s what people are saying about Two Point Hospital:


  • I am a big advocate for this game, but after playing for some time I have come across a couple of bugs, there is no denying it, however nothing game breaking though.

    I read somewhere that a lot of the issues are caused by playing it as Theme hospital, and not as Two point hospital. There are differences and many of us (myself included) have habits and preconceived strategies that don’t really work as well in TPH. I have found a lot of the issues that people are complaining about can be resolved by looking at it in a different way. Long ques – you need to manage the influx of patients by adjusting prices and also re-look at the way your hospital is layed out. Often a typical Theme hospital layout causes large concentrations of patients in a small area and this causes bottlenecks. You need to understand the flow chart of getting a successful diagnosis and plan accordingly. It is quite deep and requires you to be dynamic and pro active.

    Still my GOTY though!

  • My game run fines. Not a bug in sight (unless you count the monobeasts)
    I never played Theme Hospital back in the day, but I am finding this immensely enjoyable.
    It needs some fine tuning in a couple areas, but it is definitely worth it.

  • I like it – but it’s really Theme Hospital with a new lick of paint. That’s good, because Theme Hospital was good – but it’s true that the game becomes repetitive. Each new hospital is starting over except with some new toys and whatever you researched before. Core Theme Hospital gameplay is intact, which is good but it’s still more of the same as you progress. I can see why people find it repetitive. Granted the gameplay is somewhat different enough that it’s not entirely core Theme Hospital mechanics (a lot of the exploitative strategies from TH don’t work as well here) but it’s still basically the same game.

    I also agree about the bugs. Sometimes, at total random, I’ll get framerate issues (on a 1070) when in blueprint mode – as soon as I click to finish the room, the issue resolves. There’s also a few random pauses (I don’t think they’re related to autosaves, not sure – this is on an SSD) but the game seems to stack input commands and leads to random clicks.

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