Typhoon Blew The 'N' Off 'Nintendo' [Update]

Screenshot: nicoryuuga

This week's typhoon caused destruction throughout Japan’s Kansai region. Some buildings were badly damaged, while others weathered the storm. Nintendo’s Kyoto headquarters took the “N” out of “Nintendo”.

Update September 17 - 9:30PM: Nintendo has finally gotten its “N” back. See below.

Japan Battered By Worst Typhoon In 25 Years

Typhoon Jebi barrelled through Western Japan, hitting cities like Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka, where I live.

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This is what the headquarters usually looks like.

Here is a tweet from Florent Gorges, who published the French edition of my book Arcade Mania.

Below is another photo.

Updated photos below:


    My nanna always called it "the intendo".

    What an awesome find that'd be on the street. Holder of the *actual* Big N.

      Is your nanna "the todd" from scrubs?


      My Dad used to do the same! "No intendo until you finish your homework."

    No doubt when the storm finishes they intendo to fix it.

    They should just leave it like that and change the name of the company instead. Like "Hollywoo" in Bojack Horseman.

    And not one, but four different tweets and photos of the same thing in slightly different angles. You outdid yourself today Brian. Head home and put those feet up pal.

    Somewhere out there, Sega is rubbing their hands together while cackling and saying "Yes! We've finally gotten rid of the big N".

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