'Video Games' Was On Jeopardy Today, And It Did Not Go Well

There’s a reason the three contestants left the category until last.

Here’s some video:

To be fair, “Halo” wasn’t that far off, and I always thought Joust had you flying on fictional ostrich-like animals, not actual ostriches.


    If it walks like and ostrich... Dragon Age was in the ballpark too.

    Wtf does the word venerable have to do with anything???

      Well to venerate means (basically) that to worship or think the sun shines out it's arse. Plenty of folks are like that about the Elder Scrolls series...

      Well, putting something in scare quotes usually suggests that the word is being used ironically or sarcastically.

        You're all either very subtle trolls, or you should really stay away from game shows. Venerable means old; geddit?

      "Venerable" means "long-lived".

      I think they said venerable because it is a long-running and well-regarded franchise, and they put it in quotation marks to give a hint because of the word "Elder" in the name.

      The term "venerable" is usually used to mean an elder person. The Elder Scrolls.

      Yeah, I know. Extremely questionable if you're basing it on the precise definition of the term venerable, but at least they were in the right ballpark.

    That Jordan guy's cringe face and uncertain upwards inflections were priceless during the whole video

    The same round had questions about obscure college courses, otters and literature. How many gamers could have answered those?

      That doesn't matter, they didn't know about something I did so they must be stoopid.

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