Watch Honest Game Trailers Grind Gags In World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth

It’s hard to believe World of Warcraft is still chugging along and while not as popular as it once was, still has a player base in the millions. Battle for Azeroth, the game’s seventh expansion, arrived last month, which means it’s time for another instalment of Honest Game Trailers.

14 years on, you’d think the comedy well would be utterly dry for HGT, but no, the folks at Smosh Games managed to get a five-minute video out of Blizzard’s latest.

Battle For Azeroth Is More Exciting When You're Horde

Man, why did I waste two weeks questing through boring green hills for the Alliance when I could have been exploring dinosaur-infested swamps as a mighty Cowadin? Even in the middle of the Battle for Azeroth, the Horde have it good.

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Sure, there’s a few gags about neckbeards and basements, but it quickly shifts into a good breakdown of how much the game has changed between 2004 and now, especially for those of us that haven’t played in almost a decade:

Experience the passage of time firsthand where long ago, WoW‘s endgame was a massive grind to make potions so you could survive a brutal raid and the most exciting thing that would happen was getting your corpse camped by a bored level.

But now it’s a modern MMO theme park full of sideshows and diversions, and do pretty much anything in the game that’s not on super-duper hard mode with a handful of randos you’ll never speak to again…

It’s not all fun and games though:

…in an experience that’s been so child-proofed an unborn foetus could play it.

Swings and roundabouts, I guess. Still, even if the video isn’t massively full of jokes, it does serve as a condensed look at WoW in 2018, which in itself is plenty interesting.



    • I haven’t really found HGT funny for a long time, personally. This one isn’t really hitting the mark either.

  • Watched this last week…to be fair an “honest game trailer” should try a bit harder to be honest. Sure a lot of the game is easy but the hardest parts are still damn hard. How about the Mythic raids that require a high degree of precision from 20 players within very tight time frames?

    The raids now are harder than they were in Vanilla when the main challenge was getting 40 people into a group. I watch Ion’s Pax West keynote speech and he detailed that theory crafting didn’t really being until Wrath (or was it late BC? bad memory). Most of Vanilla was people keyboard turning and clicking abilities that they felt they should use. Take today’s level of theory crafting, optimized keybindings and co-ordination and drop 40 people into Vanilla raids and they absolutely decimate them as has been seen time and again on pirate servers.

    Going to be interesting when Classic comes out if they don’t tune the difficulty to be harder…wait wasn’t I talking about Honest Game Trailers…

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