Rewatch Sony’s Pre-Tokyo Game Show Conference Here

Rewatch Sony’s Pre-Tokyo Game Show Conference Here

Sony are kicking off Tokyo Game Show again this year with their “PlayStation Lineup Tour”, which is shorthand for their pre-TGS conference. And given that their Tokyo conferences are a bit weirder than the usual E3 fare, it’s worth tuning in.

As a reminder of how things are advertised a little differently, here’s how Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was promoted for TGS 2016:

Ah, Japan.

The stream will kick off from 1930 AEST / 1730 AWST / 1900 ACST / 2130 NZST, and for the most part should be tailored towards Japanese gamers. That means we’ll undoubtedly see a bunch of things that won’t make it to the west–particularly the odder PSVR titles–but there should be new trailers and footage for games that everyone does recognise.

For one, it’s already been announced that Death Stranding will be at the show. A Google Translate of the PlayStation Japan blog also noted that 155 members of the public would be able to attend, although it doesn’t specify what games will be displayed. It’d be surprising not to see some Ghost of Tsushima, given it’s appearance at Gamescom, some more Kingdom Hearts 3, and maybe some The Last of Us Part Two.

The show will be streamed in English and Japanese through YouTube; the English stream is embedded below.

So, more Death Stranding. Who’s keen?


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