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If you've been waiting for more concrete details on the Switch Online service, Nintendo—barring any last minute interruptions—will finally have some news for you tomorrow morning. Let's tune in.

The Direct, which was rescheduled following the earthquake that struck Hokkaido earlier this month, will include news on 3DS titles, Switch games and the long awaited Nintendo Switch Online service.

The official FAQ notes that online play won't be available for those who don't sign up for the Switch Online service, although "other games will vary". So far, the only games that will have online access revoked for non-Switch Online subscribers include: Splatoon 2, ARMS, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Tennis Aces, and Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido.

As announced before, the Switch Online service will cost $29.95 for 12 months, $11.95 for three months and $5.95 for a month-on-month subscription. Family subscriptions are also available for $54.95, which supports up to eight accounts under the one Family Group.

The Direct will kick off from 0800 AEST / 0600 AWST / 0730 ACST / 1000 NZST tomorrow. You can watch the stream through Nintendo YouTube channel below.

There's also a second stream through the Nintendo UK channel here.

We already know some of the titles that were scheduled to be shown, like Civilization 6 and the new Yoshi game. But what else would you like to see—and what more would you like to know about the Switch online service?


    My dream is to see Kid Icarus: Uprising 2 for Switch.

    Free Sakurai from Smash, Nintendo. ????

    Somewhat more realistically, Pikmin 4 would be awful nice, Ninty.

    (I remain unconvinced that the "next Pikmin" referred to by Miyamoto all those years was not in fact Hey! Pikmin).

    Actual expectations:

    Underwhelming online information
    Smash character reveal

    At least I'll just be able to catch the Direct before I need to head to work.

    Downside: no time to indulge in my guilty pleasure of reading hot Twitter takes.

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      I'm actually hoping for some news about previously announced games like Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4. One can hope.

    I heard some rumours about a Castlevania reveal. Sure would be nice.

    My Wishlist is the same for the other platforms, less game-focussed, more service focussed.

    PSN crank out a couple of dated games, don’t let you change your name, fail to support its handheld anymore and refuse cross play.

    Xbox has great features, but an uneducated player base willing to take advantage of them (which means, like a number of other Microsoft services, they get shafted).

    I want some mileage for an online service. An achievement or gaming career-based system with App or Online/Sharing capability. Integration with other services (Facebook, etc.) rather than a number in another database. I want the bells and whistles like Avatars and cool colours and exclusive themes etc.

    I am a consumer ... let me consume.

    A bucket load of disappointment in relation to their online service, followed by ports of games nobody asked for, and indie trash.

      You must have missed how the Switch is now also getting new game releases along with other platforms, like Valkyria Chronicles 4. Also probably missed that ports sell like hotcakes because (and this may be a bit hard to assimilate but try to stay along) not everybody had the same consoles as you in the past or had the opportunity to play those games. And well, indies being "trash" is just an opinion of yours, you surely are aware, which is not shared by a significant amount of consumers or critics.

        i couldn't care less about how well ports sell. its just a way to artificially pad out a machines library. and its never ports of games id play.

        95% of indie games are trash. some shine through, like celeste, dead cells. the rest come and go without as much as a mention.

        do try to keep up but. not everyone is a nintendo apologist. the console is waving a ride of strong support from the gaming community, who are mostly willing to forgive its mistakes (lack of online support is a big one. this is 2018. get your act together). i am however, not. when they do well, ill say so, when the go shit ill call them out.

          i couldn't care less about how well ports sell.

          I know you don't care. The fact simply serves to prove there's a demand for the product and your silly anger at it all merely makes you an outlier in the market.

          95% of indie games are trash.

          I'm sure this authoritative result comes from serious research and not simply from knowing that you personally and subjectively like a few games and despise the others, right. Of course, you're entitled to your opinion, but to pretend it has any amount of objectiveness is laughable.

          do try to keep up but. not everyone is a nintendo apologist. the console is waving a ride of strong support from the gaming community

          Here we do agree. The Switch is doing well (obviously, like anything, it's not perfect) and so it's reflected by sales and critical reception. And of course, similarly, the company always has its haters, the ones who begrudgingly have to keep their quiet when they do well, but at every single mistake, real or imagined, they are ready to descend and proclaim "see? I knew they were trash!!"

    Where the live coverage guys? I only have so much mobile data

    Well that was,,,kind of boring honestly.

    We got a Luigi's Mansion 3 reveal and that was basically the only new game we didn't already know about. After that it was port, port, port, remaster, remaster, port, remaster, port, port, port, remaster, info about Yoshi game, Civ 6, Megaman 11, new sports games, port, port, remaster, Final Fantasy games, new Smash Switch console bundle, Isabelle reveal for Smash, new Animal Crossing announced.

    Was cool if you liked the older games that are being ported I suppose but it was kinda underwhelming to me.

      I'm counting at least five new games in your own description?

        One game we didn't already know about, which was Luigi's Mansion 3. Two if you count the Animal Crossing Switch announcement. The other new games, we already knew were coming, we just got some more info about them.

          It's not too bad taking into account that this is not like a yearly thing or anything. They do these frequently enough, so makes sense that each provides a glimpse into the future just a few months beyond what we already knew.


    Be interesting to see how much they charge for the FF games seeing as the pricing is all over the place between different systems - really chuffed the remake of 12 is coming across, wanted to get it on PS but find playing jrpgs easier on the switch with portability/time investment. Strange no FF8 or 6? Sure they’ll crop up at some point... One thing that worries me is investing in all these old games thinking they’re now on a single platform, and then not being able carry them forward when the switch is updated/eventually replaced. Might be they just iterate from here on in but difficult to predict with Nintendo - if we knew they’d keep digital stuff backwards compat like MS is now doing it’d be an easier sell.

    Otherwise a lot of games that aren’t really in my ballpark but if it gets more people buying a switch then fair play to them.

    I’m still curious to know how many/few are seriously excited by all the NES stuff? I know the mini sold like heck & the new joycons are cool, but do people still spend a lot of time playing these games that admittedly were classics but many of which have aged pretty badly? If we were to add an ‘S’ in to the mix then naturally my tune would change immediately...!

      I reckon your games will work with at least the next Switch. They signed a 10 year agreement with Nvidia, that's at least 2 console cycles, maybe even the start of a 3rd if they are a bit quicker which is possible.

      WiiU did wii games, Wii did GCN games, DS did GBA games. There is a good chance.

    I found the online service really underwhelming, even for the reduced price vs Xbox/PS. As long as I can continue to play Jackbox locally (it does need to connect to the web in order to make the room, after all) then I likely won't sign up.

    Was most interested in the FF games, particularly FFXII remaster and World of Final Fantasy, which I thought would be tied to PS forever, and my only genuine gasp was at teh Zodiac Age cropping up, but now hearing they are coming to Xbox also makes me think twice about where I'll play them.

    So when my favourite online games stop working, I guess I'll be able to take all my switch gear back for a full refund, as there was no signage to indicate a paid subscription was required to play.

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