We Have Some Suggestions For The PlayStation Classic

Capcom closed the Dead Rising development studio, we know someone who played Red Dead Redemption 2, one of us played a lot of Forza Horizon 4, Nintendo finally let us pay for NES games on the Switch, and Sony announced they’re releasing a mini baby PlayStation. If it’s a hot video game news topic, we talk about it in raw, uncensored detail straight from the hip this week on Kotaku XP.

By “raw and uncensored” I mean of course that neither of us say any bad words. I mean, I personally never have. It’s just, I didn’t censor any words, either.

One of the top stories of this week is Sony’s announcement of a little tiny baby PlayStation. They insist it will have 20 games on it, though they’ve only announced five. They sure picked an interesting handful of games to confirm: Final Fantasy 7, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.

In the name of full disclosure: I worked at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan in the early 2000s, during the PlayStation 2 era. I wasn’t exactly in the marketing department, though I wasn’t exactly not in the marketing department. My experience at Sony left me with a decades-long lasting impression that the product marketing team at Sony sure knows what they’re doing.

With this tiny little precious PlayStation Classic, they still know what they’re doing. By announcing their plans to pack in 20 games and then only confirming five of them, Sony are inviting us to post a big long list of what we think the other 15 games should be. Maybe I’ll do that.

Listen to me and Gita talk about our own hopes for the PlayStation Classic. LSD: Dream Emulator? Legend of Dragoon? There are too many good games.

Gita suggests Parappa the Rapper, and I feel as though Sony is definitely going to include that one. I think that’s sort of a shame, though, because the PlayStation 4 remaster of Parappa the Rapper is amazing and beautiful.

The same goes for Crash Bandicoot. It’d be weird if Sony didn’t put a Crash on the PlayStation Classic, though isn’t there already an excellent remaster package available on every console?

These classic consoles are tricky. If it were up to me, they’d only include weird obscure games no one had heard about. However, that would probably make them less ideal of a Christmas present for a lapsed game-liker whose last PlayStation was a PlayStation 2.

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