What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Quick quiz: how long does it take to get an internet connection fixed?

The answer is "probably longer than 24 hours", especially if we're talking line speeds that are completely shot to buggery. That's the misery of the situation I'm dealing with at home right now - ain't it great when you go to work, come home and suddenly you've got dial-up quality internet?

Anyway, I'll be continuing through Divinity: Original Sin 2 and seeing if I can actually get some level-appropriate armour for a change. I swear my party is vastly squishier than they should be for their current level.

And plus - after GOG takes about three minutes to load up the launched - DOS 2 is something I can actually play. I've got Spider-Man hanging around, but with screwy internet since getting back from Germany, I can't get the files I need. Which blows, since everyone seems to have had fun with it so far.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Div OS2, Spiderman and Two Point Hospital. We're now in silly season for game releases.

    Still going with Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita. Quite grindy, but the combat system is pretty cool and the monster girls are cute.

    Chaos;Head on PC - now it's started to get freaky strange. Enjoying very much.

    God of War (the original) - great game. I can see why it spawned so many sequels and offshoots. Just rescued an Oracle :-)

    Ensure you follow up through your ISP's complaints dept. then jump onto the TIO if your unhappy :)

    Dark Souls 2 / Battlefield: V Beta / Abzu / God of War III: RE / Destiny 2 (starting, never played)

      While I usually agree with kicking a problem up to the TIO I don't think it's fair to do so in this case. Considering it's Friday I don't think it's fair to be on his ISPs case until at least Tuesday next week. Yeah I know it sucks having no internet over the weekend, but if he only notified them today they need at least a few days grace.

      At least GOG lets you play most of their games offline, if you had them through steam you're boned. Personally, I'll probably just be playing more WOW:BFA this weekend. Though it's already starting to get tiresome.

      Problem being if you're on the NBN and it's greater than 25MBit even once, you're kinda screwed.

      It's not the RSP's fault that FttN is a terrible investment that causes a ton of issues and NBNCo being a bunch of twats that refuse to remediate the line because the Noalition says it's performing great.

      I'm 6 houses from the node(say 100m max line length) and 2 weeks ago my connection speed was 3.8 down and 0.38 up on a 100MBit plan. While a reboot fixed that sync issue, the sync speed still ended up varying between 30-80Mbit.

      Not the RSP's fault the wholesaler sucks balls.

    Will check out the Battlefield V beta.
    Approaching the end game on FC5.
    Keen to jump into Firewall on PSVR too.

      I've been playing Firewall all week, it's pretty fantastic.

        Is there plenty of players in the lobbies, Australian or otherwise?

          There can be some wait times unfortunately and also some lobby drop out issues. But it is worth it, think this could be the start of some really great VR games. This is the first VR game that I can play for lengthy sessions and if the content was there, it would be game I keep returning to.

    I will mostly be trying to finish off BattleChasers: Nightwar but I've also started getting back into Terraria after seeing someone play the Calamity mod so that may end up being a thing that happens.

    BFV beta on PC & PS4 (if it works... couldn’t get a game last night) but mostly two point hospital, still really enjoying it!

    People are playing anything but Spider-Man this weekend?

      I got my Spidey goodness in the mail this morning and I'll certainly be firing it up later but I also picked up Into The Breach on the Switch earlier in the week and I'm not sure I'm ready to let go of that completely just yet.

    Destiny 2 and hopefully be able to complete the Guardians of the Galaxy pinball. Right flipper button flew off last night and getting repaired today for a Friday night session.

    Picked up Everspace in the GoG sale, will probably give that a shot. Alternatively, I discovered the Oasis beta based off Ready Player One last week, which might justify setting up the Windows VR stuff I've had sitting around since Christmas. Or not.

    Holding off on Spiderman for a goty with all dlc to hopefully paper over the few criticisms (and let me get over my 'open world burn-out!) it had - enjoy whoever can't wait!

    Getting my superhero fix in Return to Arkham: Arkham City - finished Asylum earlier this week, always preferred Asylum from when i first played them and despite only being 50% through City again that definitely still holds true for me.

    Octopath and Hollow Knight are my other little projects, along with staring at the 'buy' page for Two Point, a game I definitely don't (read: subconsciously do) want to lose 8 hours a day to right now.

    Will try and finish Dead Space 2. And get some.far cry 5 in.

    The surge for me. Up to the 2nd boss fight so if I get that victory I'll be happy

    Gunna bounce around in Dead Cells some more, try and unlock a bunch more stuff. Been a quiet week for gaming.

    Spider-Man (PS4). Just downloading (45gb really!). I remember enjoying a Spider-Man on the Xbox OG, which must have been the first one that was a tie-in to the original movie. Not much of a super-hero fan (in fact, have a tendency to avoid them), but usually go in on anything that is a PS4 exclusive and gets very good reviews. I just finished playing the reboot Ratchet and Clank (PS4) because I hadn't yet played anything from Insomniac; I'm expecting some good writing and humour, and a rewarding upgrade system.

    Two Point Hospital (PC). I keep going back to Twitch streams, so I had to get this; bought and downloaded yesterday but Spider-Man is hijacking plans to start it. I'm a sucker for RTS and business simulation. I was a big fan of the original Bullfrog Theme Park back in the days of 90s PC gaming, but actually never went in on Theme Hospital (it had a reputation as being very difficult).

      Can you start playing and let the patch download in the background?
      I was hoping to play it when I get home tonight, but I'm not sure I could even download 45GB in a weekend. :(

        Oh, wait. Is that the day 1 patch, or for the digital copy of the game?

          At 45GB, it must be a copy of the base game. I bought hard copy and this download happened automatically. That doesn't usually happen off a disc for me. I think I usually just play off the disc and download any patches and updates.

          I had to wait out the download, to answer your question, so maybe doesn't look good for your snail-speed internet. I downloaded it in maybe less than 30mins (just enough time for lunch!), which seems to me way too quick for 50mbps NBN?

          I heard from someone who was sent a pre-release copy by Sony that the day-1 patch was only 2GB.

          Last edited 07/09/18 2:17 pm

            I bought the disc copy yesterday, and the patch to install was 4.1GB. Took about 90 minutes to download.

      If you want the pinnacle of insomniac, I’d highly recommend sunset overdrive

        I've heard great things!

        Sadly, Xbox is the only platform I don't go in on. I'll go in on ports for Xbox games on PC when there's something I'm interested enough in (e.g. Cuphead), otherwise I miss out on the very few worthwhile Xbox exclusives (Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Rare Replay). I'd probably only consider going in when it's end-of-life and cheap, but even then probably not enough exclusives and probably not worth going back on instead of playing something more current.

        Last edited 07/09/18 2:30 pm

          Dude. You can get an Xbox for $150. All those games are on game pass? It’s $2. Literally $2. Get on it!

    Monster hunter! I'm loving the switch version of MHGU so much more than world. The humour is there, the music, the nutty weapon variety, the fact that i can grind online for parts while watching netflix...

    Some QoL bits are hilariously absent, but it's just a lot of fun, even the online is way more friendly and more direct.

    Hollow Knight on Switch and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright.

    Destiny 2. Planning to give the raid a go next Saturday, so want to be as high level as possible.

      Ditto. Went past 400 last night, all blue again... LOL! No infusion until I'm high level...

    Will be jumping back into shovel knight to finish spectre knights story.

    Maybe start a Malkavian run in vampire the masquerade, they say your have to play that game twice. Although I think that games a little over rated. The writings good and all but there's some shit house levels in there.

    Too many things. Atelier Lydie & Suelle, Into The Breach, MHGU, and fifty other games I don’t really have time for. May also be too busy being depressed about Adventure Time. Then there’s a lot of sport on this weekend too. US Open and footy finals.

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