What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Sometimes, all you need from a weekend is time.

I'd originally planned to go see friends over the weekend, and while that's on the cards most of my weekend will be largely unrelated to gaming. I've just heard that my mother is on a couple of drips in hospital, and the situation there might be more dire than anyone originally anticipated.

Last thing you ever want to see—not that you don't want to be informed, but just the impact of what it means—is an email saying someone's white blood cells have dropped from 50% to 10%.

So, that's mostly what's on my mind right now. Not ideal, but sometimes time with family is precisely what the weekend is for.

But what about yourselves: something less gloomy on the cards, perhaps? What will you be playing to pass the time?


    I think the Hangover Gods have enough plans for me that I wont get much gaming in at all. Birthday tomorrow, so playing the classic game of How Long Can My Liver Last. Along with a round of minigolf.

    Might be some poker in their somewhere. Meatspace poker, not online.

      Happy birthday for tomorrow :-)

        Cheers! As I said to a friend earlier (her b'day today), its society's way of reminding you you're that little big closer to retirement.

        Now, off for the arvo to kill some braincells in a pre-Birthday warmup.

      Yo happy birthday bro. You are half expected to be written off for the weekend so, enjoy!!

        Cheers dude!

        Mini update: I managed to survive 10 hours (ish) on Friday, winning one poker game before boredom got me in the second. Couple of hundred bucks though, so covered the drinks tab.

        Now for Day 2, which will be as long, and maybe more brutal.

    Another week of Spider-Man (PS4) and Two Point Hospital.

    Hit 50% in Spider-Man after finally having a reason to get down to the Financial District, having done about 3/4 of side-quests/collectibles but plenty of story left. Started on hard ("spectacular") and finally getting a bit OP at fighting... the heal more from focus mod for the suit makes a big difference for getting through battles.

    Was hitting the wall on Two Point after my 3rd hospital as it started to feel a bit repetitive... but took a couple days off and enjoying it again. I think they've introduced enough mechanics to make it properly engaging as a management sim, and now that you have to train up staff from scratch and upgrade machines there's a greater challenge in avoiding too many patients deaths and trying to make enough money.

    (Best wished for your Mum, Alex)

    Geez, sorry to hear about your Mum. That's much more important than games.

    Take your Switch to the hospital though.

    Spiderman, and got a Beta code for Trials Rising. So that’s pretty much my weekend.

    Sorry to hear Alex, hope everything turns out ok!

    Batman: Arkham Knight for me - have been replaying through the entire series (aside from Origins) & was keen to see if my original impressions/disappointment with the third game held up. Sad to say with regards to Knight that as good as some bits are (I personally love the joker cameos) - and there are definitely some great moments - it definitely feels like 5 steps backwards in a lot of ways & the enforced batmobile stuff is as irritating as it was first time around! Shows I need to pay more attention too as hadn’t realised I’d bought the season pass so have all the dlc to play through for the first time too.

    Octopath & Hollow Knight for my switch based activities (feel like this will be a standard thing for a while yet as both are sucking hours from my life)! :)

    Finally got a hold of Spider-man so that's me done for the weekend. PS4 is going to get a work out.

    And if I can drag myself away from it I'll head back to Phantom Doctrine. Need to clear out a Beholder cell hideout to hopefully avoid the need to change hideouts too soon.

    Best wishes for you and your mum Alex

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    I'm doing some final prep for the last boss in Battlechasers: Nightwar and then jumping (swinging?) into the new Spidey game.

    God of War (the original) on PS3.

    Dungeon Travelers 2 on PS Vita.

    Maybe some Madden 19 or Miku Future Tone on PS4 if I have time, but I'll be putting some serious time into painting up some Warriors of Minas Tirith for an upcoming gaming day.

    Persona 5, this weekend and for the foreseeable future.

      Got that cheap last week myself, and installed it yesterday. So if I do get some gaming time, it might be that for me as well.

    Sniper Elite 4 - shame the AI and see through walls mode makes it trivial but its still fun nonetheless.

    Overwatch - butan is pretty shitmap but still fun, hammond is my boi

    Yakuza 0 - Burnt out abit from doing all the side quest shit, might try to push along the main story abit

    I'll be alternating time between Tomb Raider and wishing your mum the best

    Sorry to hear about your Mum, Alex. I hope she gets better soon.

    This weekend is all Destiny 2 for me. I haven't played any of the DLC, so I have lots catch up on.

    I just started playing Darksiders. Never played the series. So thought I will give it a go since Darksiders 3 looks interesting.

    Enjoying it immensely so far!

    EDIT: might also play some far cry 5. But my life doesnt allow me to fully immerse in an open world right now.

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    sorry to read about your mother, hope she is ok.

    i'll be playing two point hospital.

    Getting over this cold so hopefully brain is up to playing the surge
    Highly likely trying to teach my 4yo how to play ticket to ride will continue

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    I've tried before but it didn't stick last time. I started a week ago and the turning point for me was when I figured out this game is not for specializing, three skill points is all it takes for you to use every weapon type and associated charge attack in the game and the fun part is constantly switching between different weapons for different situations or just to try them out at any time. There are no drawbacks or punishments for using other weapons, you're always capable. That and being able to re-spec your character at any time with the cost of some gold, it's the flexibility which really makes it enjoyable!

    Hollow Knight on Switch. Grub and charm collecting then might try to finish the game.

    Spider man on ps4.

    Modding Fallout 4 and starting a new Skyrim playthrough with a straight mage character

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