What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm going for a little trip down to Melbourne this weekend. Weekend holidays are good for the soul. But they're also good for gaming on the Switch.

Finishing up The Gardens Between is my main objective gaming wise, although the sojourn south will primarily be work and friend-focused. Fortunately I don't have a great deal to finish up, so some quiet puzzling on the plane back should be good.

Spoiler: it's a neat game.

As for that, I'll mostly be browsing around Melbourne and relaxing as much as possible. Sometimes you just need a good old recharge. And, weather permitting, Melbourne's awesome.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I just want to lazily try to tie-up some of the games I've got on the run.

    Spider-Man (PS4) I'm up to about 70%, but have really tired of the mechanics TBH. I've still got plenty of main story to go so hoping that's enough to drag me through.

    AC: Origins I've just gone back to with Odyssey due for release soon. I'm 98%, so actually looking forward to finally venturing into the 3 or 4 regions on the outskirts of the map I'm yet to visit.

    Two Point Hospital I've been vacillating between fun and repetition, but maybe because I 3-star each hospital before moving on. Might do my 5th hospital this weekend (haven't looked into how many there are, or where this game really leads to).

    Ratchet-and Clank (2015) reboot I might just quickly revisit having got through most of a 2nd playthrough to unlock/upgrade the weapons.

    Doom (2016) reboot is another I stalled on half-way through.

    Spiderman for me. Enjoying swinging around New York. Struggling with combat challenges at the moment. Just can't quite seem to knock off the targets quickly enough to get Ultimate level. I'm just going to grind on those and since I'm about 75% done with the story I'll see where it lands up.

      If you've unlocked them, web blossom or quad damage help greatly in improving your time.

        Got about half of the suits so I'll need to check but should have at least the suit unlocked. I can get the challenge tokens needed to unlock it elsewhere in the meantime. Still have all the stealth, and a couple more drone challenges to finish.

    Octopath Traveler. Up to chapter 3 and I can't put it down

    I'll be flying through the air with the greatest of ease like those daring young men on the flying trapeze... in Spider Hyphen Man. I'm about half way through but trying to push through the story so I can unlock the challenge currency and get some cool looking kit.

    Might finish off God of War (PS3).

    Still going on Dungeon Travelers 2 (Vita).

    Gonna get stuck in to my second play through of Spider-Man. I really should be playing Dragon Quest XI... but you can't web-swing in that game!

    I've 100% Spiderman, but I've enjoyed it so much I might go back in and find the hidden photo places just as an excuse to swing around some more until the DLC drops. Also just started both Undertale and The Gardens Between Switch, looking forward to getting through both of those.

    Had the urge to boot up Dues Ex Mankind Divided after 2 years. First time round did not complete due to a corrupted save. Playing a lethal - stealth style and loving it. 14 patches post launch has helped. Anyone else think Jensen and John Wick could be twins!

    Beavering away at Shadow of the Tomb Raider mostly; it's a long weekend in WA though so extra time to beaver! In between sunshine and *yawn* social engagements

    Spidey-Man. It's just so good. Some cracking bugs in it too - landed on top of a very high building the other day to find one cop flailing around on the floor directly in front of the groin region of another cop. Sketchy to say the least.

    Destiny 2 for me, bashing through the campaign having finally reached a triple digit power level! :D

    Octopath is this weekend’s other guilty pleasure - at my current rate of progress there’ll be 2 sequels before I finish (which is no indication of quality, more the deliberately ponderous nature of my playthrough!)

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Hearthstone, some World of Warcraft, and continuing with the E2ES modpack I've been playing for Minecraft.

    Divinity Original Sin 2 here. I love the game so much. Its world is so well realised and the characters are so intriguing. I love that its a slow burn and encourages that style of play.

    I'll throw in some Overcooked2 to test the marriage and do a perfect on. 3 stars all the way so far and we've made it to world 5!

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    Continuing the grind in Forsaken & probably mix it up with some XCOM 2.

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