What's The Best Bug You've Seen In A Video Game?

Video games wouldn't be the same without bugs—but some bugs are much funnier than others.

With people's experiences of Spider-Man varying wildly, it's a good time to take stock of some of the bugs and glitches across all games that are close to our heart.

The one game that always delivers on the glitch front, without fail, has been the FIFA franchise. You wouldn't be faulted for loving FIFA's bugs more than the game itself, particularly some of the older editions which brought players together in hilarious and wonderful ways.

FIFA's Glitches Are The Best

September is officially past us, which means the latest version of FIFA is now out on store shelves. But there was a big question mark hanging over this year's FIFA. would the change to DICE's Frostbite engine spell the end of the hilarious glitches bringing players together in so many, many wonderful ways? The answer: no. Not by a long shot.

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Assassin's Creed: Unity is another game that comes to mind. The game was especially buggy at launch, some of which brightened the experience substantially, particularly when textures wouldn't load properly.

Assassin's Creed in general have always offered a good glitch or two, though.

Other good fodder for glitches, for whatever reason, tend to be horses. Red Dead and Roach, take it away.

But we couldn't close this out without giving some love to the greatest glitches, surely: Skate 3.

What's your favourite bug in a video game?


    I don't know if it was an intentional feature but at the start of the jetbike and surfboard areas in Battletoads if you ran up to the bike/board and then pressed up and jump as soon as you hit it you would do a super jump off the screen and then come back down before the first obstacle appears. Once I discovered it it became my good luck ritual like jumping through boss doors in Mega Man.

    Most glitches I've found have been freezes or crashes in PC games. Reset or reinstall fixed most of them.

    The one that sticks out to me though is the Silent Hunter 3 or 4 CO2 bug. Wherein if you saved while submerged your CO2 meter would fill out and surfacing the boat didn't clear it. Always had to be careful to save surfaced to avoid it, and late war for a U-boat a surface save was almost always a death sentence due to increase aerial activity

    Doc Mitchell's rotating head in Fallout:NV will always crack me up.

    Opening the game with the standard that will be set and a reminder that this is indeed a Gamebryo engine game.

    Give yourself the wild wasteland perk and the glitches become canon.

    There was this weird bug I accidentally discovered in the Xbox One port of A Boy and His Blob, primarily during the game's final boss.

    In this game, your player character can only take one hit before dying, but if you get hit at the right time when you're supposed to trigger one of the transformation abilities, the death animation plays, but the transformation still happens, resulting in you taking control of a clone for a few seconds before being sent back to the last checkpoint. It was weirdly awesome.

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    Animation glitches never fail to amuse me. One recent example I can think of is where Mass Effect Andromeda would regularly glitch out in ways worthy of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

    Blinking to get out of danger in World of Warcraft, only to have the spell not actually move me anywhere was always a good one.

    Cant really remember anything specific you'd consider a bug, but a lot of the early tactics in Everquest, that went on to become features, were considered bugs at the time.

    Feign death pulling, bards twisting multiple songs, even clerics complete heal rotations were all bugs and exploits, that were embraced by the developers and used to make the game even better as time went on.

    With bards in particular, a couple of bugs (casting while moving, and multiple song effects at once) became identifying features of the class. As I played a bard at a high level, those would have to be up there as my favourite bugs in a game.

    Oh, and the bugs in SimAnt.

    I was a fan of the bugs in Oblivion where you could touch a stack of arrows in your inventory, then drop another item and it would drop as many as you had arrows. Great way to generate money and a great way to completely lag out your game. I got stuck in a hole once and spawned 300 shield in a pile to climb out. My brother flooded with items Cyrodill and had to spend 2 hours at 5 FPS cleaning up his mess.

    Paintbrush platforming was also pretty fun

    I wish I'd kept a better record of amusing bugs I'd seen in the games I've worked on over the years.

    Pony Friends had one where the pony's skin would terrifyingly shatter into tiny pieces. There was also the matter of the flat spinning birds that would occasionally drift through your field of vision like a drug hallucination.

      Pony Friends had one where the pony's skin would terrifyingly shatter into tiny pieces.

      In other games, that'd be a feature...

    One of the best I've found (and got fixed by Crystal D) was an asset unload bug. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMlcOf7Bwj8

    A cinematic bug in TR:AoD ruined the game for me. I nearly didn't get to play No Man's Sky because the game wouldn't load past the first system generation. I gave Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly back after a game breaker was the last straw. And I had a memory failure in The Division that caused it to render like it was a PS2 game.

    The Shaun bug from Heavy Rain was quite funny.

    In command and conquer you could place a building anywhere on the map by hovering over a valid location to place but moving the mouse over to the mini map and clicking anywhere you like.

    Kotaku you stole my best one, which was that hole in the water bug in Assassin's Creed Black Flag and Unity. That was the funniest bug I've ever seen in a game.

    Not sure if really a bug but I had loads of fun messing around the ending cinematics in Goldeneye 007. The fast forward and slow motion unlocks messed them up pretty bad. You could also plug in a second controller and switch to the twin stick mode and fire weapons with the second one. Since it was all done in engine, you could kill people you where supposed to save and mess it all up. Fun times.

    WoW. Cataclysm. Death Knight grips you just as the boat moves. Then find your toon on a 15 minute psycho journey through random landscapes.

    Dr who and the mines of terror a platformer back in the day where you could stand on the right side of a wall, drop an item and ta da you could now walk through said wall :)

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